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An Unusual Case of Iatrogenic ALUM Toxicity Resulting in Fulminant Hepatic Failure of Young

Devendra Richhariya, Neelam Mohan, Vivekanshu Verma and Shagun Walia

ALUM- is commercial term of chemical - Aluminium potassium sulfate. Its chemical formula is KAl(SO4)2. ALUMalso known as Potash Alum in Indian groceries. Alum is consumed on advice of unqualified quacks as a household remedy for various ailments in villages, due to lack of availability of doctors, Hospitals, pharmacies and allopathic medications in rural countryside. We are presenting a recent unusual case of iatrogenic fatal Alum toxicity in a young minor, in whom Alum was dispensed by a traditional local quack for curing patient’s prolonged fever, resulting in drug induced liver injury, leading to fatal complication of fulminant hepatic failure, in absence of no specific antidote of Alum, requiring urgent liver transplantation.