An Examination of the Effect of Brand | Abstract
Journal of Research and Development

Journal of Research and Development
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An Examination of the Effect of Brand

Negin Mirzaee , Mona Khalkhali Rad , Niloofar Molavi

Customer loyalty is one of the main criteria of his/her satisfaction that all participants in the area of marketing, and particularly industrial marketing, take it into account. One of the factors that have a determining role in formation of this loyalty i s the brand of companies. Brand and its dimensions effect on all steps of purchase (before, during, and after purchasing a product) and cause different behaviors in customers. Hence, the current research has addressed to studying the relation between custo mers loyalty and factors which are influenced by the brand. In order to fulfill this objective, we have formulated a hypothesis based on a conceptual model of research and in which we have investigated the relation between customer loyalty and satisfaction , perceived value, resistance to change, feeling, trust, and brand equity. We also gathered required information through questionnaires and distributed them randomly among statistical universe of foodstuff stores which had refrigerators (confectionary, hyp ermarkets, and meat store). This research is done in Rasht City and our sample is composed of 154 stores which are selected randomly. Then, we analyzed gathered information by modeling structural equations. The results shows that trust in and satisfaction of previous purchase are the most important factors which influence on loyalty of customers who use foodstuff refrigerators.