Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
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ISSN: 2319–7293


Algorithm of the Cyber Criminals Identification

Solomia Fedushko & Natalia Bardyn

This article considers the current problem of investigation and formation of method of psychological and sociodemographic profiles of the offender and validation personal data based on analysis of socio-demographic characteristics are investigated. The structure of cyber-criminal personality is created. The algorithm of the web-personality identification is designed. The topicality of the paper is determined by the necessity to identify the web-personality by means of computer-linguistic analysis of their information track (all information about web-personality, which posted on the Internet). The formal model of information track basic of web-personality and the algorithm of personal data verification are developed. The problem of web-personality personal data verifying is investigated. These issues have the greatest influence on efficiency and safety on the Internet rise and the level of data authenticity in personal profiles. Solution of these problems is possible by using computer-linguistic analysis of information track and formation of psychological and socio- demographic profiles