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Journal of Alcoholism & Drug Dependence
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Alcohol User Profile after a Brief Motivational Intervention in Telephone Follow-up: Evidence Based on Coping Strategies

Hilda Maria Rodrigues Moleda Constant, Luciana Rizzieri Figueiró, Carmen Moret Tatay, Luciana Signor, Simone Fernandes, Helena Maria Tanhauser Barros and Maristela Ferigolo

Despite the promising results which were achieved under different intervention programs in alcohol abuse, its beneficial effects seem to vary among patients. In this way, a variable of interest might be the way to deal with a specific situation. Not surprisingly, escaping addiction has also been studied as an underlying ineffective strategy. Thus, to assess the effect of brief motivational intervention on coping strategies, a 6 months treatment was carried out in alcohol abusers. Moreover, differences among these patients’ profiles were examined according to their coping outcomes. The survey was conducted by telephone, employing the Coping Behaviours Inventory (CBI) as a dependent measure. A sample of 120 participants took part in the study. Participants were randomly assigned to 2 groups: Intervention (IBM) or control (without intervention). The analysis of the participants’ profiles resulted in 3 different groups: i) Most of the participants were in the control group and did not stop drinking, ii) All participants were in the control group and stopped drinking, and iii) All the participants were in the experimental group and almost all of them stopped drinking. With regards to coping strategies, participants in the last group showed better CBI scores. The results help to better understand the profile of users of alcohol following treatment, as well as the kind of strategies that they might use to stop substance use. They also depicted a more homogeneous coping pattern for those participants after intervention and some unusual profile features among the control group.