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Air Starved Compartment Fire Analysis on Different Wood Crib Sizes

Bintu Grema Mustafa, Garba Magaji & Babagana Gutti

Pine wood cribs of fixed spacing and height with varying stick length and number of sticks were burnt in a 1.57m3 fire enclosure to study compartment fires at a low ventilation rate of 10 air changes per hour, the effect of increasing the fire load by increasing the length of the stick shows that increasing the mass of the wood crib and increasing the length of the sticks affects the manner in which the cribs burn. A two phase combustion occurred with the larger wood cribs, with auto-ignition giving rise to the two phase combustion. All heat release rates were similar expect for the second smallest crib which gave a higher value of 14kW. It was however, observed that the heat release rate by mass loss rate over predicts the one by oxygen consumption by a factor of 6. The second smallest wood crib behaved differently giving rise to high values in all the results