Journal of Ergonomics

Journal of Ergonomics
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ISSN: 2165-7556


A Study on the Effect of Ergonomics on Computer Operating Office Workers in India

Vimalanathan K and Ramesh Babu

The effect of ergonomic factors have an influence on the productivity, health and wellbeing of office workers. Most of the office workers are working with computers. A study has been conducted for the benefit of millions of people working with computer. A subjective measurement was conducted through questionnaire survey from 70 office workers working with computers. These questionnaires were designed for the factors which are affecting the productivity and human health. The SPSS package was used to find the loading factor. Based on this analysis, all the factors are grouped under the four main ergonomic factors such as Physical, Environmental, Cognitive, Organizational ergonomics factor. Based on the Rotated component matrix these factors have been ranked as per the principal component analysis. The results revealed that the cognitive ergonomic factors and environmental ergonomic factors have more influence on productivity. Organization ergonomics and Physical ergonomics have less influence on office worker’s productivity. Cognitive ergonomic factors and environmental ergonomic factors have imperative role to play in the effectiveness of office workers when compared with physical and organizational ergonomic factors. The effect of cognitive factor is more than the environmental factors. The mental workload, memory lag, task difficulties, room temperature, illumination affects the productivity, health and wellbeing of workers in India.