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A Study of Earthquakes in Bangladesh and the Data Analysis of the Earthquakes that were generated In Bangladesh and Its’ Very Close Regions for the Last Forty Years (1976-2016)

Md. Abdullah Al Zaman and Nusrath Jahan Monira

Bangladesh is a south Asian developing country which is used to struggle with various natural disasters and the earthquake is one of them. Bangladesh is of the most earthquake venerable countries of the world. Here we have tried to discuss about the risks of earthquakes in Bangladesh and the historical earthquakes that occurred in Bangladesh and its surrounding regions with some information. After that we have analyzed the earthquakes that were generated in Bangladesh and it’s very close regions(between 20.35° N to 26.75°N Latitude and 88.03° E to 92.75° E Longitude) for the last forty years. We have observed that under the area of concern most of the earthquake occurred were not devastating but the occurrences of those small magnitude earthquakes have been increasing significantly.