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Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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A Review Study on Precipitated Silica and Activated Carbon from Rice Husk

Rajesh Ghosh and Sounak Bhattacherjee

The present work entitled “Precipitated Silica and Activated Carbon from Rice Husk” was taken up to study the optimum operating conditions at laboratory scale. Precipitation of Silica was carried out using various parameters such as pre-treatment or acid washing, carbonization temperature of acid washed rice husk, activating agent such as sodium hydroxide, time of carbonization, time of heating with activating agent. The activated carbon was obtained from rice husk ash at various concentration of activating agent (Sodium Hydroxide) and different activation temperature. These studies indicate that nano-silica powder can be produced by optimizing the parameters used in the study. Without optimization, one would get different grades of silica with different yields. Similarly, different grades of activated carbon can be obtained by varying the parameters of activating agent, carbonizing temperature after activation and time of carbonization. The article presents a procedure to produce nano-silica powder from rice husk along with wastewater treatment grade of activated carbon.