International Journal of Advancements in Technology

International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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A Review on Surveillance and Protection System for Malls

Chavan VB and Mali MB

Safety is one of the most important issues in professional trade. With the development of society many social evils are also increasing day by day. The anti-social activities like theft, robbery and burglary are causing headache to civilized society and hence should be eradicated at any cost. In Indian malls, presently most of the shops are locked with shutters. These are not the safest ways since most of the times these can be simply broken by gas cutters. So, more secure way is needed to get rid of such issues. Global System for Mobiles (GSM) is rapidly advancing mobile communication technology and the decrease in costs make it possible to incorporate mobile technology into varies systems. Smartphones have also rapidly incorporated in day to day life, making it possible to use in security systems. In proposed technique, unauthenticated openings of shutters of shops in mall are alerted locally and wirelessly by sending smartphone notifications. Proposed system will be very useful to shop owners and can be extended with password enabled digital shutter lock and remote control system, if required. Proposed system describes battery operated module connected by IR sensors and buzzers for alerting purpose.