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ISSN: 2319-7293



A Real Time Virus Detection and Correction Processor for Secure Embedded Network

L. Mohan, Dr. D. Gunaseelan & P.K. Kumaresan

One of the most high profile threats to information integrity is Network viruses. Networks viruses are software that behaves like biological viruses-they attach themselves to a host and replicate, spreading the infection. The contribution of this paper is to provide systematic virus detection and correction processor without causing the performance penalty to normal network operations. The network security applications generally require the ability to perform power pattern matching to protect against attacks such as virus and spam. Instead of placing the entire matching pattern on the chip, our solution is the parallel intrusion detection system that works by combining extracting as much of the important filtering information as possible onto a chip and infrequently accessing off chip data to make the matching mechanism suitable for large pattern set. This proposed processor protects the system from Real Time. This system is proposed to achieve high performance, low memory, low computation time, high throughput and low cost.