A novel well-being booster using emotion AI technology | Abstract
Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology

Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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A novel well-being booster using emotion AI technology

Abeer Albashiti

Our emotions are directly related to our thoughts, believes, attitudes, perceptions, and wellbeing, thus, we need emotional hygiene tools or self-regulation tools to cope with the current uncertain chaotic era due to COVID-19, poor culture, political and religious conflicts, lack of purpose and connectedness with ourselves and many other stressors that build bad habits, believes and affect our resilience, productivity, performance, internal culture and above all our health and wellbeing. The cost of poor workplace culture in the UK and the US is £ 23 b, $ 2.2 T per year respectively. Also, 47 % of the world citizens suffer from chronic stress and 25 % of them can handle the adequate treatment. Moreover, due to COVID-19 the disaster distress helping calls increased to 335% with the increase in suicidal thoughts that may develop to actions. Larimar’s mission is to contribute to the overall wellbeing of society and individuals by equipping people to improve their emotional state. We do this through an Emotion AI engine which drives improved individuals’ wellbeing and moods, company culture, productivity, performance, decreasing stress, and increasing employee retention. Larimar provides novel systems which detect a person’s emotional states in noninvasive ways, transform them from chaotic to rhythmic states and provide prediagnosis tools. We use two approaches, one detects physiological parameters i.e. heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature, among others, the other gathers narrative and multiple-choice answers using apps, special-purpose wearable associated with apps, apps integrated with existing wearables, or edge AI unites. Tailored recommendations are then provided to the individual, equipping them with control over their emotions and the ability to transform them, ultimately boosting performance and productivity. This intimate personal feedback drives improved decision-making, productivity, resilience, and wellbeing. Larimar is focused on the needs of individuals and organizations seeking excellence in wellness and performance. We provide a suite of performance and wellness monitoring tools, each supplies a unique, human-centric experience which learns from users’ reporting on the activities they undertake and their resulting emotional signs, optimizing the personal recommendations going forward. During Larimar’s journey we have been able to achieve the following; five papers and one book have been published, raising $ 70k funds, collecting 10400 vital record for 260 individuals, participating in the following conferences e.g. Gitex 2017, SRTD ?, Takeoff Istanbul 2018, IEEE London 2017, LIF London 2020, and winning first place at the Arab AI Summit

Published Date: 2021-05-04; Received Date: 2020-11-12