Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods

Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods
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A Novel Automated Immune Boosting Machine (Blueprint Glimpse) Which May Increase Life Span and Insight into Unexploited Benefits of Febrile Responses (Fever)

Manly Sani


The essence of the review is to demonstrate the following, the evolution of a novel machine that could boost the body immune system, treat through hyperthermia, existing body abnormalities linked with febrilar response, and make formidable the immune system if routine weekly exposure of individuals, whether or not in ill health is done, and again the operation of the machine will focus on adjustment of bio-thermal circles pertinent to induced pyrogen (for routine treatment) and non-induce non-pyrogen (as found in ill health) such that immediate immune response effectively, could combat existing disease in addition to protecting the body against futures attacks generally.

Febrile responses mediators, broadly speaking encompass dual types, pyrogens and non-pyrogen, pyrogens mediated are inducible even in absence of disease or abnormal condition, non pyrogen febrilar reponses usually emanate from disease or abnormal condition of the body (cancer, infectious disease and non infectious disease) in either case, resultant hypethermia and immune responses are secondary to altered cellular physiological processes, among them are increases ordecrease in metabolism of fuels molecules of the cells, mobilisation of mineral elements iron for instance, acute phase protein mobilisation, increase in uptake of de novo synthesize survival materials (may increase life span), activations of immune system chain reaction by secretion of immunological communicants such as cytokines and chemokines, sensitization and recruitment of other immune cells, ultimately also includes interactions between autocoids and some immunes cells, and as determined by the hypothalamic thermostat leading to increase in body defence mechanism and well being.

Erroneously, temperature increase is seen as fever, however on the contrary, hyperthermal events is just one among many of it manifestations, for actually fever is systemic attempts to fight off pathological or abnormal attacks in the internal milieu, past finding adduced that fever is associated with many disease or abnormality, a fact that depict a need for further research on survival value of fever, it has survival value (Kluger 1998), results obtained using mathematical methods in a novel way from previous finding results and standard reference physioantobiochemical values were analysed with SPSS analytical package, dependent variables (Immune Strength Index (ISI), Values of Boosted Body Immunity (VBBI), PARPS, Survival values. 

Life span increase) and independent variables (incremental values of febrile temperature values of pyrogen used, number of exposure to the machine) show strong correlationP ≤ 0.005, temperature and survival value (increase in life span) for instance were subjected to Pearson bivariate correlation (2 tailed) method the results was statistically significant (P ≤ 0.005), the discomfort which often accompany febrilar response or fever had lead to existence of wrong perception of fever among health care givers, researchers and health care receivers, a fact that lead to denial of it life prolonging benefits, whereas I acknowledge that high temperature (34â�� and above for instance is fatal) may affect the body adversely, and had over the years lead to treatment of fever as controlled by resetting nature of the regulatory pre-optic area of the hypothalamus, benefits of febrilar response research shows far outweigh this drawback, and therefore, the machine is designed to effectively control the hyperthermal negative effects, synchronously with internal physiobiochemical parameters which must vary within narrow limits of normal values else fatal effects such as coma or even death results, this review attempts to elaborate the modality of the machine in boosting the immune systems and treatment of certain abnormalities.

To surmise in other words, this discourse will shed light on the blueprint which with adequate investment, may expediently, become a reality for individual routine immune boosting even in absent of ill health, again beside treatment of most anomalies wherein febrile responses are present, it can also, in a novel way, augment most treatment modalities and especially the act of vaccination given the failure rate of latter. Note that fever is not restricted to incidence of infectious disease in rural areas, for it accompany plethora of so called urban diseases as well; cancer, trauma, inflammations,hepatitis and other organpathogenesis.