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International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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A New Non Linear, Time Stamped & Feed Back Model Based Encryption Mechanism with Acknowledgement Support

A.V.N.Krishna, A.Vinaya Babu

In this work a model is going to be used which develops data distributed over a identified value which is used as nonce (IV). The model considers an equilibrium equation which is a function of non linear relationships, time variant and nonce variant values and takes the feed back of earlier round as input to the present round. The process is repeated for different timings which are used as time stamps in the encryption mechanism. Thus this model generates a distributed sequence which is used as sub key. This model supports very important parameters in symmetric data encryption schemes like non linear relationships between different values used in the model, variable key length, timeliness of encryption mechanism and also acknowledgement between the participating parties. It also supports feed back mode which provides necessary strength against crypto analysis.