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A Holistic Approach to ARP Poisoning and Countermeasures by Using Practical Examples and Paradigm

Faisal Md Abdur Rahman, Parves Kamal

The main purpose of this Paper is to discuss the mechanism and detection of ARP spoofing. It can be said that an Address Resolution Protocol, simply known as ARP, plays an essential part in Computer Science and Forensics. Nowadays, there are many people who use computer hacking techniques like ARP spoofing to send fake ARP messages on a Local Area Network (LAN). Such attacks may result in traffic alteration, or even worse, in a temporary or permanent interruption of traffic. In spite of the fact that this attack is limited to networks which have Address Resolution Protocols, ARP spoofing can be the first step to being subjected to more serious attacks capable of causing much more damage. When someone wants to initiate this kind of attack, he will look for the weak points of the Address Resolution Protocol. For example, he may be seeking to exploit vulnerabilities such as its inability to successfully authenticate the person who is sending the message. This can make it particularly easy for hackers to modify or steal people’s data. ARP Spoofing represents a real threat to the security of all users from the network and that is why, all the measures necessary to reduce damage must be taken.