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International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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A Comparative Study of Static Object Oriented Metrics

Manik Sharma, Gurdev Singh, Anish Arora And Parneet Kaur

Software metrics is one consistent topic of research in software engineering. The role of software metrics is to find significant estimates for software products and directs us in intriguing managerial and technical decisions. Software metrics have become an integral part of software development and are used during every phase of the software development life cycle. Research in the area of software metrics tends to focus predominantly on static metrics that are obtained by static analysis of the software artifact. The goal of this study is to perform the comparative analysis on static metrics for object oriented programming. This study is done to analyze the different object oriented techniques like class, constructor, and inheritance. The various metrics under study are AHF, AIF, DIT, MHF, MIF, AVPATHS, and SEIMI etc. The study of such metrics can become a useful tool for reverse software engineering.