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Journal of Ergonomics
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A Comparative Study of Brain Systems Behavior in Students with Behavioral Disorders and Normal Students

Nazila Shojaeian

A comparative study of brain systems between the behavior of students with behavioral disorders (ADHD, ODD and CD) and also the students without a diagnosis of behavioral disorder (normal students) who were matched for variables, as age and sex were selected as a comparison group. The study groups consisted of all the boys and girls with behavioral disorders in exceptional schools in Alborz province, Iran. Totally, the group size was 340 for all three disorders, and normal students were 113. For the measurement of the data and information, BIS-BAS questionnaire and Rutter behavioral questionnaire were used. The results of the questionnaires were analyzed by SPSS and ANOVA method. Furthermore, the results showed that the normal students in regular normal schools were reported to function better in behavioral brain than other students with behavioral disorders. This item was considered to determine the behavior of brain systems in test scores and scores on the scale indicated a positive correlation was in Rutter behavior disorders.