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A Cognitive Approach in Pattern Analysis Tools and Techniques Using Web Usage Mining

M.Gnanavel & Dr.E.R.Naganathan

Web mining is an enormous quantity of information available on the web and increasingly vital role that the web plays in today’s social society. An enormous amount of knowledge in respect of pattern analysis of web mining shall be provided in this paper. Web mining primarily focus with pattern discovery and analysis of usage patterns in order to provide the needs of web based applications. Web mining contemplates on the techniques that could forecast the navigational pattern of the user and sequential pattern of the user while the user interacts with the World Wide Web. This paper is concerned with analysis of patterns tools and techniques for web mining. The pattern analysis tools distributed with different independent activities Knowledge Query Mechanism (KQM), OLAP, Visualization techniques and Intelligent Agents. Once access patterns have been identified, discovered, analysts need the appropriate tools and techniques to understand, visualize, and interpret these patterns. The WEBMINER system proposes an SQL like query mechanism for querying the discovered knowledge in the form of association rules and sequential patterns.