3C Typology of challenges in digital marketing | Abstract
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Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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3C Typology of challenges in digital marketing

Swati Sharma

Innovations in digital technology is generating a paradigm-shift in the marketing strategy, transforming the industry structure and developing a whole range of opportunities and threats. Enterprises use digital tools such as websites, mobile applications, and social media for attracting new consumers, improving customer service, enhancing operational efficiency and consequently increasing revenue, but these capabilities are still underutilized especially in emerging economies. COVID 19 has catapulted the into the world of technology. Organizations who were earlier thriving well are now scrambling to adopt digital technologies to survive. These small enterprises perceive barriers for adoption, such as management’s attitude and the firm’s financial situation, perceived risks and technological issues etc. These barriers are more prominent among small and medium-sized enterprises an entity whose perspectives do not find much place in the published academic literature.. In these volatile times, with the fall of giants such as Thomas Cook, and rise of new business technology intensive companies such as Goibibo makes it imperative to discuss the perceived challenges of small enterprises on the adoption of digital marketingThe author based on an exploratory research presents a 3C typology of challenges in digital marketing of small enterprises.The findings present a significant source for marketing experts who are willing to emphasis on future growth extents and also for academicians and marketing researchers interested in tourism marketing research area.

Published Date: 2021-05-25; Received Date: 2020-10-09