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Clinical Microbial Pathogens (Corona Virus/Covid-19)

An outbreak of the novel coronavirus (SARS-Cov-19/COVID-19/nCOv-19), rapidly spread around the world in 2020. Currently, there are many unanswered questions about this novel coronavirus, e.g., the dynamics of infection, infections and co-infections, role of pathogens and host, impact of climate change, fatality rate, etc. Study and research theories and can help us to understand these issues and make substantial contributions to explain the virus transmission Individual to individual and individual to community.

This Special Issue will collect timely papers on modelling studies concerning the biological, epidemiological, immunological, molecular and virologic aspects of SARS-Cov-19/COVID-19/nCOv-19.

This Special Issue aims to bring together researchers, investigators, biologists, and medical doctors to improve our understanding of the disease by using several approaches in treatment, immulonogical, epidemelogical study.

This special issue invites to submit your research, review, review, short communications, case report, clinical images, Editorial ad Letter to the Editor, etc. Submission: Please submit your manuscript to Clinical Microbial Pathogens (Corona Virus/Covid-19) or you can send as an attachment to [email protected]