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Journal of Neonatal Biology

Journal of Neonatal Biology
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Neonatal Bowel Obstruction

Neonatal Bowel obstruction is one of the common surgical emergencies in newborns. It may be due to a variety of conditions, including atresia and stenosis, annular pancreas, malrotation, duplication cyst, meconium ileus, meconium plug syndrome and neonatal small left colon syndrome etc.

Recent estimates place the incidence at 1 in 2000 live births. The 4 cardinal signs of intestinal obstruction in newbornes are , maternal poly hydramnios, bilious emesis, failure to pass meconium in the first day of life, and abdominal distension. Successful management depends on timely diagnosis and appropriate intervention. an accurate history and physical examination, corroborated by simple radiologic studies, usually leads the physician to the correct diagnosis. Fortunately, the outlook for babies undergoing surgery for intestinal obstruction is excellent. A newborn who vomits bile (spinach-colored emesis) may have ileus from sepsis or necrotizing entero collitis, but proximal intestinal obstruction is a possible etiology. The physician must be vigilant and not overlook the following potential catastrophes

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