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Clinics in Mother and Child Health

Clinics in Mother and Child Health
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ISSN: 2090-7214

Late Pregnancy Issues

Preeclampsia, fetal growth restriction (undernourished baby) and spontaneous preterm birth are the major complications of late pregnancy. They are leading causes of illness and death in mothers and newborn babies. Fetal growth restriction is usually due to placental problems leading to inadequate nutrition of the baby and overall affects 1 in 10 pregnancies. The management of placental abruption depends on the presentation, the gestational age, and the condition of the fetus and the mother. It is important to make decisions about management on a case-by-case basis.It is reasonable in cases of fetal death, regardless of gestational age, to allow the mother to attempt a vaginal delivery as long as the mother is stable and there are no other contraindications. In cases of abruption the uterus usually contracts vigorously and labour progresses rapidly. Amniotomy frequently speeds up delivery.

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