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Journal of Forensic Biomechanics

Journal of Forensic Biomechanics
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ISSN: 2090-2697

Forensic Criminology

Forensic Criminology is the scientific study of crime and criminals for the purpose of addressing investigative and legal questions. “Forensic” refers to the application of specific acquired knowledge to a legal discussion or debate. “Criminology” is the scientific study of crime and criminals.Criminology is the scientific study of crime and criminals. Forensic criminology is a behavioral and forensic science, characterized by an integration of material from many sub-disciplines including forensic science, criminal investigation, criminalistics, forensic psychology, victimology, crime reconstruction, criminal event analysis, criminal profiling, practical experience, and more.

A forensic criminologist has a particular examination to perform, or set of questions to answer. He is interested in theory and research only so far as it can be applied to an analysis or interpretation of a particular case.

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