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Single Cell Biology

Single Cell Biology
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A membrane-bound intracellular vacuole that contains fragments of partially digested cell components; indigestible debris persists as lipofuscin. Autophagosome formation depends on the activity of a type III PI3K lipid kinase. Autophagosomes convey cytoplasmic parts to the lysosomes. The outer membrane of an autophagosome fuses with a lysosome to form an autolysosome. The lysosome's hydrolases degrades the autophagosome-conveyed substance and its internal membrane. Autophagy is a tightly regulated intracellular bulk degradation/recycling system that has fundamental roles in cellular homeostasis. Autophagy is initiated by isolation membranes, which form and elongate as they engulf portions of the cytoplasm and organelles. The different steps of autophagy, from the signal transduction events that regulate it to the completion of this pathway by fusion with the lysosome/vacuole.

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