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Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Volume 11, Issue 2 A Short Note on Alzheimerrsquos Disease and its Prevention Leonie Belliville A Brief Note on Parkinsonrsquos Disease Statistics and its Symptoms Laura Ort A Short Note on Possibility Symptoms and Phases of Alzheimerrsquos Diseases Bruce Aurelia A Brief Note on Autism Disorder and Language Impairments Belinda Shari Hypersomnia Syndrome Classification Causes and its Diagnostic Tools Muhammad Manda Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Mood and Sleep Disorders A Note on Depression and Antidepressants Ivandro Menke A Brief Note on Rapid Eye Movement Lena Broman A Note on Bipolar Disorder John Robert Note on Sleep Paralysis and Rapid Eye Movement Michelle Campbell Sleep Disorder among Adolescents in Ajman UAE Ajeena Abdul Khader, Shahnaz Koolippulakkal, Shatha Al Sharbatti Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Volume 11, Issue 1 A Short Note on Reasons Causing Sleep Disorder Martin Robert A Note on SleepDisordered Breathing and Neuromuscular Diseases Soar Wong The Association of Nocturnal Enuresis and Breathing Disorders in Children with Sleep Disordered Breathing A Retrospective Review of Pediatric Cases Treated with a Preformed Monoblock Oral Appliance Karen Parker Davidson A Note on Nightmares and its Causes Angelina Marco A Brief Note on Oral Appliances to Treat Sleep Apnea Samrad Zare Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Volume 10, Issue 12 What Is Biphasic Sleep And How Does It Work Syeda Urooj Riaz Sleep hygiene is really important sleep apnea Circadian effects and impact on warmblooded and coldblooded vertebrates Hanna Mariam M Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Volume 11, Issue 8 Chronotypes and their variations Philip Polson Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Volume 12, Issue 5 Rest Less Syndrome RLS Symptoms Causes and its Complication Melissa Claura Sleep Quality and Their Relation to Sleep Hygiene Practices Samrad Zare Relationship between Psychoneuroimmuno Endocrinology and Sleep Quality Disorders Emmanuel Zayas Fundora Benefits and Importance of Slumber in Sleep Somnolence Philip Polson Role of Sleep Hygiene in Improving ShutEye Sleep Quality Zahra Aghelan ShortTerm use of Triazolam in Treatment of Acute Insomnia and its Side Effects Syeda Urooj Riaz Risk Factors and Benefits of Estazolam Night Sleep Medication Syeda Urooj Riaz Pros and Cons of Temazepam in Inducing Sleep Giorgos K Sakkas Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Volume 12, Issue 4 Relationship between Sleep and Bipolar Disorder Symptoms and Management Zimal Anadia The Connection between Sleep and Epilepsy Understanding the Link and Its Implications Abdul Alim Exploring the Link between Sleep and Personality Disorders Abdel Khader The Correlation between Sleep Patterns and Psychological Disorders An Overview Abhinav Shetty Sleep Psychotherapy A Promising Treatment for Insomnia Mohammad Faizan Measures to Increase Sleep Quality in Managing Alzheimers Disease Kuramdas Jagadesh Exploring the Critical Relationship between Sleep and Mood Disorders Karaka Divya Sai Impact of Bedwetting Nocturnal Enuresis in Children and its Treatment Methods Pasumarthi Purnachandarao Threshold of the Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep and Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep with Arousal Indices Masako Kato, Yuji Yamaguchi Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Volume 12, Issue 3 Restless Legs Syndrome in Multiple Sclerosis Related to Retinal Thinning and its Treatment An Overview Steven Rian The Burden of Hyper Somnolence Understanding and Coping with Excessive Sleepiness Martin Robert Sleep Disorders in Children Caused by Various Diseases Inge Leandro Consequences Associated with Snoring and its Management Clara Smith Recurrent Isolated Sleep Paralysis and Rapid Eye Movement Stages of Sleep Soar Wong Shift Work Sleep Disorder and its Various Symptoms and Treatment Inge Leandro KleineLevin Syndrome An Unusual and Mysterious Disorder Zang Wang Short Note on Causes and Symptoms of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Amedeo Xu Short Note on Causes Risks and Treatments of Somnambulism Sleepwalking Zahra Aghelan Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Volume 12, Issue 1 Central Sleep Apnea and Its Symptoms Philip Polson Sleep Paralysis Feeling of Conscious and Its Treatment Zahra Aghelan Functional and Regulatory Characteristics of Sleep Spindles Syeda Urooj Riaz Regulating Symptoms of CatathreniaNocturnal Groaning Andreja Packard Analysis of Symptoms Dynamics and Causes among Nightmare Sufferers Angelina Marco Stage of Slow Wave Sleep SWS and Electroencephalographic Characteristics Giorgos K Sakkas Sleep Related and Nocturnal Sleep Related Eating Disorder Characteristics Ravi Gupta Multiple Sleep Latency Test and its Various Process Leila KheirandishGozal Sleep Related Dissociative Disorders Types and its Characteristics Stuart McFarlane Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Volume 11, Issue 7 Influences of Mirtazapine on Chronic Painrelated Sleep Disorder in Regulating the Neurotransmitters Leonie Belleville Insomnia Treatment Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Contrast to Sleeping Pills Angelina Marco Symptoms and Stages of Somnambulism Karen P David Novel Biomarkers for Identifying Narcolepsy using the Bodys Systemic Networks Angelina Marco Sleep Behaviors and Parkinsons Disease An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Laura Alia Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Volume 11, Issue 6 Adolescent Sleep and Developmental Changes Associated with Major Diseases Alona Shari Sleep Paralysis Resembling Temporary Paralysis Bruce Rian Excessive Daytime Sleepiness due to Sleep Apnea Milkov Paiva Rapid Eye Movement REM Behavior Disorder and its Effects on Sleep due to Parasomnia Steven Rian Problems due to Sleep Disorder and its Effects on Individual Health Soar Wong Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Volume 11, Issue 5 Bruxism Symptoms Causes and its Risk Factors Alona Shari Health Risks of Snoring and its Symptoms Melissa Claura A Short Note on Depression Muhammad Mandal Types of Restless Legs Syndrome and Symptoms among Patients Suffering with RLS Corina Poli Pharmacological and NonPharmacological Treatment for Patients Suffering with Restless Legs Syndrome Martin Robert Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Volume 11, Issue 4 Surgical Treatments of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Melissa Claura Association between OSA and Hypertension in Asian and Western Population Alona Shari Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Pediatric Population Thiabot Dong Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea by Using Different Parameters Laura Alia Alzheimerrsquos Disease Electroencephalographic Evidence as a Marker of Neurodegeneration Dina Radinskaia, Crystal Radinski Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Sleep Disorder in Medical Illness Effects of Adenosine and Caffeine on Sleep Lena Broman Treatment of Sleep Disorders with Adenosine Receptors Ivandro Menke Metabolic Comorbidities Associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Michelle Campbell Interrelationship between Sleep and Epilepsy John Robert Interactions between Sleep and Circadian system Angelina Marco Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Behavioral and Psychotherapeutic Treatments for Sleep Disorders Psychological Therapy for Insomnia Patients Daniel Parnali Diagnosis and Treatment for Patients Suffering with Somnambulism Samrad Zare Pharmacological Treatment of GammaAminobutyric Acid System for Sleep Disorders Corina Poli The Correlation of Neuroscience and Dreams Soar Wong The Transcriptomic Response of Brain to Sleep Deprivation Angelina Marco