Journal of Probiotics & Health | Longdom Publishing SL Longdom Publishing SL specializes in digital advertising to help clients inform and attract new customers quickly and efficiently. Journal of Probiotics & Health Volume 9, Issue 8 Finding Out Antibiotics Frequently Used in Pediatry case Study Rwamagana Provincial Hospital Christian Mugabo, Emmanuel Muragijimana The Comparative Effects of Alloxan and Streptozotocin in Inducement of Type1 Diabetes on the Intestinal Microflora of Albino Rats Momoh AO, Fadahunsi AI, Oche VO Probiotics A Comprehensive Review on the Impact of Gut ImunoModulation Udayakumar Prithika, Mohamed Syed Arafath A randomized doubleblind placebocontrolled Eileen Li Placebocontrolled Trial of the Probiotic Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Edwin A Mitchell Journal of Probiotics & Health Volume 9, Issue 10 Characterization of Lactiplantibacillus Plantarum TOA Growth Inhibition Activity against Pathogenic Bacteria Ryuichi Saito, Naoki Sato Rejuvenating the Gut of Antibiotic Incited Zebrafish Danio Rerio by Probiotic Soil Isolates Persuaded by Subtilisin as Endogenous Protease Inhibitors Arockiya Anita Margret1, S Aishwarya2, A Shree Parkavi1, V Swetha1, T Suvedha1, G Sandhya1 Factors Influencing Infant Microbiome Christian L Uterine Segment injuries during Caesarean in Infant Microbiome Waldermarson J Expansion of Microbiota Jessica C Journal of Probiotics & Health Volume 9, Issue 11 Impact of Stomach Organism to Mind Indicating Lenova Christal Development of GI Tract and Microbiome Sophia SantaFeeda Stomach Microbiome Research with Robust Sample Collection Christian L Probiotics for Reproductive Health and Related Dysbiosis David Thomas Probiotics can have a Huge Effect in Diminishing the Ecological Effect Kenneth H Journal of Probiotics & Health Volume 10, Issue 2 Knowledge Based Maternal Awareness on Probiotics as Beneficial Products in Day to Day Life Akram Aboseidah Significance of Gut Microbiome Role in Human Diseases Sana Farooq A Short Note on Gut Pathogen of emHelicobacter pyloriem Raed Sharaf Probiotics Role in Childrenrsquos Respiratory Tract Infections Remco Kort Effect of Gut Bacteria in Athletics Performance John Sasan Journal of Probiotics & Health Volume 10, Issue 3 Important Steps in the Probiotic Manufacturing Process Kurt Fenster The Finest Vegan Probiotics Where Humans Acquire More Probiotics Anil Kumar Note on Cytomegalovirus Impacting on Gastrointestinal Tract David You Significance of Probiotics in Old Age People Sophie Lauriau The Role of Probiotics in Periodontics for Better Oral Health Bernard Bizzini