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Pediatrics & Therapeutics Volume 12, Issue 7 Pneumonia in Infants Various Causes and Treatment Joseph Gigante Various Immunotherapies to Treat Childhood Cancer Ann O Scheiman An Overview on Pediatric Psoriasis Brian Sims Risk Factors in Pediatric Venous Thromboembolism Anna Martini Lynch Syndrome and Colorectal Cancer in Pediatrics Pongkiat Kankirawatana Pediatrics & Therapeutics Volume 12, Issue 6 Omega3 Fatty Acid Supplementation as Therapeutic Option for Children with ADHDSymptoms Regina Theresa Hauser, Judith Erler, Gabriele Kropshofer, Roman Crazzolara, Miriam Michel, Christina Salvador PregnancyInduced Complications and Neonatal Outcome Boskabadi Hassan, Bagheri Fatemeh Cytomegalovirus Infection in Pregnant Women and Infants Bruce Buckingham Kawasaki Disease Epidemiology Etiology Pathology Symptoms Clinical Features Diagnosis Treatments Asees Kaur, Pawan Gupta, Gahin De, Kritigya Mishra, Parul Sharma, Akshay, Shyam Bass Immediate Newborn Care Practice and Associated Factors Among Health Care Providers in Arbaminch Town Govermental Health Institutions of Southern Ethiopia Facility Based CrossSectional Study Sofiya Bushera, Wanzahun Godana, Direslign Miskir Pediatrics & Therapeutics PediatricsInfectious Diseases and its risk factors Pediatric Autoimmune Pancreatitis AIP Treatment Processes Brian Sims Diagnosis and Basic Precautions in Pediatric Asthma Nancy Smith Searle Clinical Findings and Epidemiology of Dravet Syndrome in Children Ahmed Mohammed Masaad Pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia AML Classifications Yao TsungChieh Pediatric Traumatic Renal Artery Thrombosis Possibilities Joseph Gigante Pediatrics & Therapeutics Pediatrics and Child Health Pharmacotherapy and the Newborn Infant Premium Non Noncore Steven M Pediatric Ependymoma and Proton Beam Therapy Ann O Scheiman An Overview on Various Types of Pediatric Cancers Joseph Gigante An Overview on Newborn Respiratory Distress Syndrome Nancy Smith Searle Staphylococcus Epidermidis Bacteria Role in Infants Health Ahmed Mohammed Masaad Pediatrics & Therapeutics Volume 12, Issue 5 Consolidated Review of Evidence on Safety and Effectiveness of Osmotic Laxatives as Per Recommendations in Childhood Constipation Karthick Annamalai, Ravishankar Ayathu Venkata, Arun Garg, Rajesh Khanna Palmamidi, Srichurnam Sreekar, Krishna Chaitanya Veligandla, Amey Mane, Rahul Rathod An Overview on Pediatric Hemodialysis Harold S Bernstein Antipyretic Medication Treatment for Pediatric Fever Ahmed Mohammed Masaad Effect of Oxidative Stress in Premature Newborns Bruce Buckingham DrugInduced Sleep Endoscopy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children Joseph Gigante Pediatrics & Therapeutics Volume 13, Issue 3 Understanding Laryngomalacia in Children Causes Symptoms and Treatment Delma Veron Understanding Unilateral Cerebral Palsy in Children Causes Symptoms and Treatment Vineet Bhandari Mortality After Cardiac Operations in Children with Down Syndrome Understanding the Risks and Improving Outcomes Vikki Stefans How School Characteristics Affect Childrens Mental Health A Short Note Pongkiat Kankirawatana Understanding Pediatric Patients with Acute Appendicitis Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatments Seiji Fukuda Pediatric Hepatocellular Carcinoma An Overview of Diagnosis and Treatment Ann O Scheiman Pediatric BCell Leukemia and Lymphoma Diagnosis and Treatment Nancy Smith Searle Pediatric Condylar Trauma Diagnosis Treatment and Management Yao Tsung Chieh Understanding the Risk Factors and Clinical Correlates of Pediatric Serotonin Syndrome Harold S Bernstein An Overview of the Pediatric Peripheral Intravenous Access PPIVA Pathway Anna Martini Pediatrics & Therapeutics Volume 13, Issue 2 Management of Retinopathy of Prematurity ROP in Premature Infants Seiji Fukuda Anxiety in Children and Adolescents Causes Symptoms and Therapies Pongkiat Kankirawatana Placental Abruption and Neonatal Anemia A Significant Clinical Challenge Vikki Stefans Importance and Strategies of Asthma Control in Children Vineet Bhandari An Overview on Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Delma Veron Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in Newborn Babies Understanding the Causes Symptoms and Treatment Joseph A Iocono Maternal Blood Parameters and Risk of Neonatal Pathological Jaundice Understanding the Relation Joseph Gigante Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome in VeryLowBirthWeight Infants Causes Symptoms and Treatment Anna Martini Bilirubinometer for Newborn Infants Importance Working and Benefits Tsung Chieh Yao Pathogenesis Diagnosis and Treatment of Alagille Syndrome in Children Ahmed Mohammed Masaad Pediatrics & Therapeutics Volume 13, Issue 1 Understanding Pediatric Rheumatic Diseases Causes Symptoms and Treatment Delma Veron Diagnosis and Treatment Guide for Pediatric Gastrointestinal Mucormycosis Vikki Stefans Pediatric Neurotuberculosis A Challenging Diagnosis and Management Joseph A Iocono Pharmacology Therapeutics and Toxicology Advances in Pediatrics An Overview Seiji Fukuda Short Note on Brain Tumors in Children Treatment Strategies and Future Approaches Laura Gray Characteristics and Predictors of Mortality after Intensive Care Admission of Children with Cancer Mafalda Castelo, Teresa Martins, Pierre Gonalves, Ana Lacerda Tobacco Consumption in Adolescents From the Medical Sciences in Cuba Jess Cullar lvarez, Yolaine Cazales Garca The Relationship between ParentChild Dyads and Depression in Children Seiji Fukuda Symptoms and Consequences of emShigellaem Infection in Children Pongkiat Kankirawatana Current Tobacco Smoking Status and Factors for Initiation of Smoking among EverSmoker Male Adolescents in Dhaka City Farzana Nusrat, Fariha Haseen, Syed Shariful Islam Pediatrics & Therapeutics Volume 12, Issue 10 Physical Exercise as Rehabilitation Technique in Pediatric Asthma Patients Brian Sims A Novel Ultrasonic Image Restoration Algorithm for Pediatric Nervous Disorders Joseph A Iocono Obesity in Pediatrics and its Effect on Cardiometabolism Bruce Buckingham Negative Effects of Drugs and Alcohol Use in Childrens Harold S Bernstein Impact of Hepatopathy after Heart Surgery in Pediatrics Nancy Smith Searle Pediatrics & Therapeutics Volume 12, Issue 9 Requirements for the Pediatric Healthcare Environment Anna Martini Pilonidal Disease in Children Management and Treatment Harold S Bernstein The PostCholecystectomy Syndrome in Pediatrics Tsung Chieh Yao Drug Resistance Factors in Children with Epilepsy Older than Five Years Joseph Gigante Infants Immune Tolerance and the Gut Microbiota Joseph A Iocono Pediatrics & Therapeutics Volume 13, Issue 4 Malaria Diagnostic and Parasite Density Prediction Potentials of Some Serum Biochemical Parameters in Children with Severe emFalciparumem Malaria Treated with ArtesunateArtemetherLumefantrine Combination Therapy Okoli CA, Igunnu A, Adebayo JO, Oguche S, Malomo SO New Frontiers in Pediatric Pharmacology Emerging Treatments Paul Ashwood Effective Approaches for Childrens Mental Health Ted K Hodgins The Significance of Nutrition in Pediatric Health Caballe Ranger Pediatric Immunotherapy Innovative Treatments for Autoimmune Conditions Lisa K Grether Therapeutic Approaches to Skin Conditions in Children Moncrieff Cork G Advancements in Pediatric Healthcare Elizabeth Becker Therapeutic Options for Heart Health in Children Claire Brockmeier Management of Allergies and Asthma in Children Blaiss Michael Pediatric Respiratory Illnesses Therapeutic Interventions Carol J Abman Pediatrics & Therapeutics Volume 12, Issue 8 Ketoacidosis as the First Presentation of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in Children and Adolescents during the Period of 20102014 in Albania Laurant Kollaku, Agim Gjikopulli, Virtut Velmishi, Sonila Tomorri, Paskal Cullufi, Ermira Dervishi Pediatric Anaphylaxis and its Emergency Treatment Pongkiat Kankirawatana Oral Immunotherapy OIT for Cows Milk CM Allergy in Children Joseph Gigante An Overview on Most Common Pediatric Respiratory Diseases Ann O Scheiman Pediatric Urinary Tract Infection UTI Incidence Causes and Treatment Joseph A Iocono