Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy | Longdom Publishing SL Longdom Publishing SL specializes in digital advertising to help clients inform and attract new customers quickly and efficiently. Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy Volume 12, Issue 2 Sometimes the Simplest Solution is the Best One Unconventional Resolution of a Food Impaction Amin Elfituri, Iren Ortiz, Faisal Bukeirat The Secretion of Insulin in Pancreas and Its Dysfunction Lourdes Robles The Biological symptoms of Pancreatic Tuberculosis and Its Impact Adetayo Olaniyi Different Methods to Treat Gallstones Pancreatitis Gianpaolo Marte Gastrointestinal GI Diseases and Its Prevention Ciara Warfvinge Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy Volume 12, Issue 1 Pancreatic Disorders and Its Malignancy Growth Karima Oualla, Lamiae Nouiyakh Applications and Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer by Nanomaterials Onyeisi Jessica The Development and Progression of Diabetic Complications Emily Graor Cystic Fibrosis Primary Cause of Pancreatitis Somesh Kanungo Synoptic Overview of Pancreatitis and Its Impact Sunitha Saranya, Kalavapudi Navya Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy Volume 11, Issue 4 Idiopathic Pancreatitis Newly Diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus I and Hypothyroidism in a Young Patient with Recent COVID19 Infection Amin Elfituri, Firas Warda, Leena Shahla, Faisal Bukeirat Updating the Classification of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Subgroups by Ahlqvist for Achievement of Individualized Treatment Approaches for greater DM Control from Initiation and Avoidance of End Stage Damage Kulvinder Kochar Kaur, Gautam Allahbadia, Mandeep Singh Nittya Virechana Daily Purgation effect of emOperculina turpethumem L Silva Manso on Alcoholic Liver Disorder ALD A Case Report Patil Jagdish Prakashrao, Shweta Dadarao Parwe, Milind Nisargandha Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy Volume 11, Issue 3 Missing Heritability in a Family History of Type 2 Diabetes Daniel Sauder Type 1 Diabetes Donorrsquos Detect Enterovirus Protein and RNA Adward Williams A Note on Adaptive Potential of Mechanoresponsive Proteins for Pancreatic Cancer Stuart Smith Transcription Factors of Pancreas Alex John Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy Therapeutic Endoscopy Signaling Pathway to Promote the Secretion of Insulin in Pancreatic NestinPositive Progenitor Cells Takuo Kusunoki Interventional Radiology in the Treatment and Management of Liver Cancer Onyeisi Jessica Antagonistic Modulators of Glucose Kryspin Pelt Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy Volume 11, Issue 2 Glucose Monitoring by Insulin Automated Deliver System Surya Sundaran Emotional Psychological Distress Causing Diabetes Factors and Management Divya Terresa Insulimona Patient with Acanthosis Nigricans Samuel Srinivasan Insulin Resistance Regulation and Liver Haniya Sayad Is Early CT Scan useful in Daily Practice Decision Making for Acute Pancreatitis Analysis of 248 Consecutive Patients in a Tertiary Care Italian Hospital Gianpaolo Marte, Bruno Pauletti, Tommaso Stecca, Cesare Ruffolo, Giorgio Alfredo Spedicato, Giovanni Morana, Marco Massani Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy Diabetes and the Pancreas Advantages and Limitations of in vitro Studies of Alcohol Induced Liver Injury Zhiwei Tan Diabetes and Covid19 Selin Nelson Diabetes and Asthma Kara Mendes Pancreatic Neoplasam Leading to Pancreaticopleural Fistula Shreshta Manikyam Sepsis and Pancreatic Stone Protein Surinder Verma Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy Volume 11, Issue 1 Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Covid19 Sezer Akbulut, Kivanc Derya Peker, Kemal Dolay, Gokhan Tolga Adas Hepatic sarcoidosis Jakub Bukowczan Pancreatic Cancer During COVID19 Pandemic Cecilia Dillard Adipose Tissue Malfunctioning and Alstrom Syndrome Katharina Williams An Overview of Working of Artificial Pancreas Ramanuja Attili Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy Pancreas liver disease Predisposing and Risk Factors of Hyperglycemia in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected Persons Receiving Care at Bali District Hospital Cameroon Yayah Emerencia Ngah, Federick Nchang Cho, Bisong Shauna Etagha, Ngu Felix Akum, NjimonaIbrahim Curcumin Potential and Problems in Pancreatic Cancer Adeeb Shehzad Pancreatic Cancer and COVID19 Treatment and Challenges during pandemic Adeeb Shehzad Primary Bilary Cirrhosis Raffaele Pezzilli Adjuvant Systemic Therapy for Intestinal Type Invasive IPMNs A Case Series and Brief Literature Review Brian E Johnson, Daniel S Peiffer, Asha Dhanarajan, Ami Badami, Xianzhong Ding, Kenneth Micetich