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Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods Volume 10, Issue 7 DNA Methylation Alterations in Down Syndrome Toddlers Blood Cells Kristine Warner Carcinoma of the Pancreas and Biliary Tract Ella Edward For LongTerm Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Preterm Infants Smoflipid Is Better Than Lipofundin Ella Edward Liquid Biopsy using Aptamers Ella Edward EPrints and RePrints Acknowledgement Kristine Warner Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods Volume 10, Issue 6 Antitumor Immunity Against Central Nervous System Tumors Is Induced By Bone MarrowGenerated Dendritic Cells Pulsed With Tumor Extracts Or Tumor RNA Gloria Simmons Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome ARDS Gloria Simmons A Systematic Evaluation of the Effect of Antiresorptive Medicines and MedicationRelated Osteonecrosis of the Jaw in Nononcologic Immunosuppressed Patients Gloria Simmons Glycosphingolipids in the Human Parathyroid and Thyroid Glands were studied Gloria Simmons Primary Hyperparathyroidism Has Progressed in Terms of Diagnosis and Treatment Gloria Simmons Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods Volume 10, Issue 5 Relationship of Serum Sclerostin Level Coronary Artery Calcification and Patient Outcomes in Maintaining the Dialysis of Patients Shreya Suman Computed tomography CT image characteristics of COVID19 patients a systematic review and metaanalysis Gloria Simmons Finding and the management of intense ischaemic stroke Gloria Simmons Chondroitin Sulfate Disaccharides a Serum Marker for Primary Serous Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Gloria Simmons A systematic review of the prevalence and diagnostic studies of PIK3CA mutations in HR HER2 metastatic breast cancer Gloria Simmons Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods Volume 10, Issue 4 Editorial on Successful Anticancer Therapeutic Regimens Gloria Simmons A Mini on Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer Gloria Simmons Firstdegree atrioventricular AV block A Short Commentary Gloria Simmons Case Report on Diagnosis in Central Retinal Vein Occlusion Gloria Simmons Trends in Oncology Role for Radiology Gloria Simmons Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods Volume 10, Issue 3 Invitation to Contribute Manuscript to the 2021Regular Issue of Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods Gloria Simmons Diagnostics Methods of CancerAn Editorial Note Gloria Simmons Diagnosis of SARSCoV2 A Review on the Current Scenario and Future Outlook M Priyanka, Om Prakash Choudhary, Indraj Singh A Case Series of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in Vietnam Reveal Novel Pathogenic Variants in Tnnt2 Gene Hung Manh Pham, Van Khanh Tran, Trung Anh Mai, Long Hoang Luong, May Le Pham, Chi Khanh Nguyen, Hoai Thu Thi Nguyen, Minh Nhat Pham, Can Thuy Do, Thanh Tuan Le, Thanh Van Ta, Thinh Huy Tran The Impact of COVID19 on Farmers Economic Income in Hubei Province of China Mingzhe E, Bin Zhao, Jinming Cao Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods Volume 11, Issue 3 Radiology Oncology Advancements in the Wake of Covid 19 pandemic Chan Dong Modern Detection Techniques in the Laboratory for Acute Kidney Injury Chamidu Kemmyee Methods and Techniques of Tomography Chu Kammi Diagnosis Process for Blood Analysis Memmeico Jussica Crucial Role of Breast Imaging in Early Detection of Breast Cancer Kawterg Calli Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods Medical Technologies in Diagnostic methods Systemic Therapy Options for Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis Jason Chang, Kamila Bakirhan, Wendy Perdomo An Outline on the Necessity of Rapid Rabies Diagnosis Ziuya H Kelly Various Clinical Approaches in Aphasia Diagnosis James O Masko Importance of Haemodialysis in Children with Acute Kidney Injury James O Masko Advances in Precision Interventional Radiology Ziuya H Kelly Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods New Insights in Medical Diagnostic Methods Note on Mechanism of Diagnostic Approaches in Healthcare Samy McFarlane Diagnostic History and Novel Analytical Techniques to Understanding of the Role of Clinical Assessment on Diagnostic Accomplishment Samy McFarlane Brief Note on Role Artificial Intelligence in ECG Diagnosis Asra Hameed A Brief Overview on Imaging Techniques for the Screening of Breast Cancer Travis Basset OCT and OCTA Application for Ocular Disorders Diagnosis Samy McFarlane Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods Volume 11, Issue 2 The Impact of Cancer Screening on the Disease Progressions Samy McFarlane A Short Note on Bone Scintigraphy Samy McFarlane COVID19 is Disrupting TB Diagnosis Alaine Umubyeyi Nyaruhirira A Short Note on Importance of Diagnostic Tools Samy McFarlane Improving the Effectiveness of Assessment Measures in Diagnosing Adult ADHD Paul Marshall Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods Volume 10, Issue 10 LowCost Agglutination Assays for Medical Diagnostic Applications Using a WholeCell Biosensor with Tunable Limit of Detection Caroline Jones A Novel Approach to Coronary CT Angiography Risk Stratification Herlin Ray Doxorubicin Efficiency is Improved by Sterically Stabilized PolymericMesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Customized Cancer Therapy Antonio Perez EarlyStage Multiple Brain Tumor Detection and Localization Using AHybrid Technique of PatchBased Processing KMeans Clustering andObject Counting Caroline Jones A Systematic Review and MetaAnalysis of Quality of Life in PatientsReceiving Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis Gunter Rodriquez Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods Volume 10, Issue 9 Alzheimers disease is a type of dementia Glamora Swiss Endometrial Cancer and its Epidemiology Sherlyn Cullen Raman spectroscopy fundamentals apparatus and applications in the characterization of illicit drugs Helly Jones Health and Disease The Human Gut Microbiome Ella Edward Cancer Diagnosis Bohnie Bennett Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods Volume 10, Issue 8 The Current Status and Future Prospects of Artificial Intelligence in the Management of Peptic Ulcer Bleeding Kristine Warner Cardiovascular Disease An Overview Ella Edward A Systematic Review of Hemodialysis Patient Care with a Focus on Cardiovascular Disease Events and the Atypical Role of Hyper andor Hypotension Kristine Warner The Link between ChemotherapyInduced Side Effects and HealthRelated Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Patients Gloria Simmons Recent Medical Advancements in Diabetic Retinal Disease Treatment Gloria Simmons Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods Volume 11, Issue 1 A Short Note on Diagnostic Tests for Malaria Kozelova Daniela AES Poster Demonstrates the Increasing Relevance of a Genetic Diagnosis to the Treatment of Epileptic Children at a Center of Excellence John Otrompke An Overview on the Clinical Diagnosis of the Brucellosis in Humans Samy McFarlane Breast Cancer MicroRNAs as Clinical Biomarkers Daniela Ivana A Short Note on Prenatal Diagnosis Hutrova Kozelova