Hair Therapy & Transplantation | Longdom Publishing SL Longdom Publishing SL specializes in digital advertising to help clients inform and attract new customers quickly and efficiently. Hair Therapy & Transplantation Volume 11, Issue 1 Combination Therapy with Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin PRF and Polydioxanone PDO Threads in Treatment of Male Pattern Baldness A Novel Approach Shashank Bansod , Umesh Bilewar, Amit Kerure, Shaurya Rohtagi Overview of Scalp Conditions Aseem Sharma Lichen Planopilaris An Unusual Presentation of Hair Loss Tasleem Arif Follicular Unit Transplantation Follicular Unit Extraction The Modern HairTransplantation Techniques Narendra Patwardhan Hair Disorder Congenital hypotrichosis Gaurang Joshi Hair Therapy & Transplantation Volume 11, Issue 2 Hypotrichosis Hair disorder that is present at birth Susan Farshi Harvesting the Art of Hair Transplants Aseem Sharma Procedures for Hair Transplantation and Treatment Narendra Patwardhan Creating Small Spheroids Rejuvenating Units for Hair Loss Treatment Industrial Imitation Nooshin Bagherani Follicular Unit The Center for Hair Transplants Yasmeen Jabeen Bhat Hair Therapy & Transplantation Volume 11, Issue 3 Head Disorders Telogen Effluvium Aseem Sharma Hair Treatment PlateletRich Plasma Eduardo Raul Mansilla Evaluation of Herbal Henna Based Hair Colour Retention Study through Chromo Meter Jayaganesh Sankar, Mridula Kini, Sudhakar Mhaskar, Neha Sathe Hair Therapy & Transplantation Volume 12, Issue 4 Hair Restoration and Techniques Susan Farshi Distinctive State of Alopecia Areata Ken Anderson Excessive Hair fall Due To Driving Stress of Covid 19 Susan Farshi Prevelance of Cervical Pain in MakeUp Artist and Hair Dressers of Lahore Amirah Zafar An Overview of Hair Coloring and its Types Shanker Kumar Hair Therapy & Transplantation Volume 11, Issue 4 Male Pattern Baldness How To Get Rid of It Eduardo Raul Mansilla The Effects of Smoking on Healthy Hair Tasleem Arif Coloring After Hair Transplant Is It Safe Tasleem Arif A Note On Grow A Hair Without A Viable Hair Follicle Susan Farshi Hair Therapy & Transplantation Volume 11, Issue 6 Ayurvedic Approach towards Hairfall Khalitya Manoj Patil, Priti Desai Recombinant Human Hair Keratin for Improving Hair Health ShafiqUrRehman A Short Note on HairSpot Baldness Priyadharshini R