Longdom Publishing SL https://www.longdom.org/ Longdom Publishing SL specializes in digital advertising to help clients inform and attract new customers quickly and efficiently. https://www.longdom.org/down-syndrome/current-issue.html Journal of Down Syndrome & Chromosome Abnormalities Volume 4, Issue 2 https://www.longdom.org/open-access/growth-chart-of-indian-girls-with-down-syndrome-from-birth-to-three-yearsa-pilot-study-2472-1115-1000130.pdf Growth Chart of Indian Girls with Down Syndrome from Birth to Three YearsA Pilot Study Priya C and Ramachandran S https://www.longdom.org/open-access/womens-awareness-towards-prenatal-down-syndrome-tests-in-bulgaria.pdf Womens Awareness Towards Prenatal Down Syndrome Tests in Bulgaria Levkova M, Hachmeriyan M, Miteva V, Stoyanova M, Tsvetkova M, Konstantinova D and Angelova L