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Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology Volume 13, Issue 5 Circulating MicroRNA in Autism Spectrum Disorders as a Possible Biomarker of Neuroinflammation Association with Comorbid Conditions and Monocyte Cytokine Profiles Harumi Jyonouchi, Lee Geng Spermidine Related Autophagy Flux Deficiency is a Novel Pathogenesis ofAplastic Anemia Jinqi Huang1,2,Yuming Zhang1, Juan Xia1, Chen Yang1, Sijie Wang1, Liang Liang1, Jie Long1, ChangmeiLin1,4, Yuchan You1,4, Jian Li2, Qinwei Chen3,7,8, Kefeng Wu4, Ruiqing Zhou5, Shunqing Wang5, Yongjian Su6, Zunnan Huang6, Qing Li7, Guo Fu7,2,Qiyuan Li 8,3,7 Pluripotency Factor PBX1 Predicts Treatment Efficacy in Rheumatoid Arthritis Karin ME Andersson1, Eric MalmhllBah1, Nina YOparina1, Weiyang Tao1, Aridaman Pandit2, Malin C Erlandsson1,3, Venkataragavan Chandrasekaran1, Sofia T Silfverswrd1, Rille Pullerits1,3,4, Maria I Bokarewa1,3 Clinical Study to Verify the Effectiveness and Safety of the Modified Isothymol or Carvacrol Compound against SARSCoV2 in COVID19 Patients Raul A Ojeda Imaging the Cytokine Receptor CXCR4 in Atherosclerotic Plaques with 68GaAPD A Novel Agent on Computer Simulation Approach ChienChung Hsia, ChungHsin Yeh, ChunTang Chen, Cheng Liang Peng Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology Volume 13, Issue 2 Overview of Allergen for Immunotherapy David Bernstein Note on Innate Immune System Virginia Steen A Brief Note on TissueResident Memory Cells Georg Gasteiger Techniques Involved in Artificial Immune System Haneen Sait An Overview of Complement System Andrew K Godwin, Mitchell W Braun Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology Volume 13, Issue 1 A Commentary on AntibodyDependent Cellular Cytotoxicity Haneen Sait Note on Negative Selection of T Cells Calina Asha Short Note on Immunomics Kendall Smith A Brief Note on Immune Resistance Reactions Rajesh Kumar Immune Priming Overview and its Mechanism Andrew K Godwin Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology Volume 12, Issue 9 Peptide Compound Units Recognized as Amino Acids Egawa Takeshi An Overview of Peptide Chains of Haemoglobin Vipul Shukla, Qingqing Yan Brief Note on Regulation of Plasma Cell Elia Cella, Donald Simon A Brief Note on Cell Strength to Develop Safe Cell Treatments Aiba Sait Overview on Immunological Memory Donald Simon Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology Volume 12, Issue 8 A Note Developmental Lymphocytes in Bcell and TCell Egle Kvedaraite An Overview of Innate Immune System and its Functions Andrew K Godwin, Mitchell W Braun The Discussion of IgM Deposition in the Glomerulus in Patients Xiaowei Yang , Lei Zhang Role of Antigen Presenting Cells in Antigen Presentation Process Haneen Sait A Basic Immune System Exists in Microorganisms Kamil Seyrek Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology Volume 12, Issue 7 Role of IL1RL1ST2 in Infantile Asthma Yosuke Baba, Akina Matsuda, Yuri Takaoka, Kazuki Miyabayashi, Hiromichi Yamada, Toshiyuki Yoneyama, Susumu Yamazaki, Eisuke Inage, Yoshikazu Ohtsuka, Masato Kantake, Toshiaki Shimizu A Brief Note on Dendritic Cells AntigenPresenting Cells Carolin Brandl Immunology A Vital Role in Todayrsquos Science Rajesh Kumar Immunomics Technologies and its Applications Amar Nijagal, Sarah Mohamedaly Osteoimmunology Interface between the Skeletal System and the Immune System Jeffrey Schlom Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology Volume 12, Issue 5 Treatment of Experimental Cutaneous Leishmaniasis by the Therapeutic Vaccine SLAR848Pam3CSK4 Asal Katebi, Farhad Riazirad, Soheila Ajdary A Commentary on emHelicobacter pyloriem Infection in SLE RA and AS Patients Asmaa E Hamed Risk Assessment of Breast Cancer in Women in the Reproductive Age 1849 Years irin Meyan, Seil Arca, rem Aktar, Naci enkal Review on the COVID19 Pandemic Oumer Abdu Muhie Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology Volume 12, Issue 4 Review on Emerging Zoonoses and Factors in the Emergence of Infectious Diseases Feyera Gemeda Dima The Diagnostic Role of Brain MRI in Detection of Multiple Sclerosis Related Cognitive Impairment Wael M Gabr, Mohamed Saad1, Maha Bilal An Overview of Coronavirus COVID19 Drugs and Recent Status of Vaccine Trials Ayan Raichaudhuri Comparison of Primary versus Secondary Effects of Antiphospholipid Syndrome on the Development of Thrombosis Haneen Sait, Ahmed Saleh, Waleed Alshehri, Mohammed Alsheef Expanded Clinical Evaluation of the CLUNGENEreg Rapid COVID19 Antibody Test Christopher C Lamb, Fadi Haddad, Christopher D Owens, Alfredo LopezYunez, Marion Carroll, Jordan Moncrieffe Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology Volume 12, Issue 3 Dendritic Cells as DoubleAgents for Breast Tumor PreMetastatic Bone Disease Establishment Ana Carolina Monteiro, Adriana Bonomo Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology Clinical, Cellular and Molecular Biology of Autoimmune Disorders 3rd Edition COVID19 Immune System and Sex Hormones Nader Charkhgard Allergic Diseases and Coronavirus Infection Julio Jose Awareness on the differences of Allergies and COVID19 Monica Haczku Recent Advances in HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials Julio Jose