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Journal of Bone Research Volume 9, Issue 10 Knee Meniscus Functional Repair based on Porous Poly Emily Dawson In the case of a femoral neck fracture a femoral nerve block is used FINOF Enrico Fasolato Interface Techniques for Bone and Biomaterials MultiScale Characterization Advances Carol Green The Endocrine Role of Bones in Energy Metabolism Control Rachel Sandners Transducing Shock Waves Effect on Calcaneal Bone Spurs Chloe Sandners Journal of Bone Research Volume 9, Issue 8 Therapeutic Use of JAK Inhibitors in Rheumatoid Arthritis Enrico Fasolato Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptors Structure Function and Targeting Joseph Walker Fragility Fractures in the Elderly Risk Factors and Management Nicole Watson Osteocyte Dysfunction and Osteoarthritis in Joint Homeostasis Maria Waller Aetiology of Ankle Osteoarthritis Emma Walker Journal of Bone Research Volume 9, Issue 7 Tyrosine Kinases Role in Chondrocyte Hypertrophy Emma Walker MultiScale Characterization Advances Interface Techniques for Bone and Biomaterials Aakshi Kainthola Hydrogel Based on Porous Poly Vinyl Alcohol for Knee Meniscus Functional Repair Rachel Sandners Achilles Tendinopathy Emma Walker Bones Endocrine Role in Energy Metabolism Regulation Rachel Sandners Journal of Bone Research Micro RNA and Bone Marrow Research A Short Note on Bacterial Orthopedic Infections Richard Pastrello A Note on Bone Marrow and Bone Marrow Aspiration Robert Daniel Heterotopic Ossification around Temporomandibular Joint Prosthesis Case Report and a Scoping Review Nour Jihad Salman, Guilherme dos Santos Trento, Pedro Henrique de Azambuja Carvalho, Marisa Aparecida Cabrini Gabrielli, Mrio Francisco Real Gabrielli, Eduardo SantAna, Valfrido Antonio Pereira Filho An Overview on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ChengWei Shen An Overview of Pagets Disease of Bone Sami Ahmad Journal of Bone Research Volume 9, Issue 6 During Cord Blood Banking and Bone Marrow Processing for Autologous Stem Cell Therapy Very Small Embryoniclike Stem Cells with the Highest Regenerative Potential are Discarded Rachel Sandners Femoral Nerve Block Intervention in Neck of Femur Fracture FINOF Rachel Sandners Effect of Transducing Shock Waves on Calcaneal Bone Spurs Rachel Sandners Timely Therapeutic Intervention Can Prevent Fractures and Surgical Intervention in Pseudofractures Due to Osteomalacia Kavya Jonnalagadda Role of AntiRotation Screw In Intertrochanteric Curved Varus Osteotomy A Finite Element Study Weihua Feng, Hanghang Zhang, ZhengKang Journal of Bone Research Volume 9, Issue 5 Bone grafting Aakshi Kainthola Brief Study on Arthritis Aakshi Kainthola Dystrophinopathy Aakshi Kainthola Muscle Atrophy Spine Aakshi Kainthola Osteosarcoma Aakshi Kainthola Journal of Bone Research Volume 9, Issue 3 Bone Density Rachel Jhonson Transplant of Bone Marrow Aakshi Kainthola Enchondroma Stefan Paul Ewings Sarcoma Emma Walker Fibrosarcoma David Williams Journal of Bone Research Volume 9, Issue 2 The Effects of Renal Osteodystrophy Treatment on Bone Histology Aakshi Kainthola Osteocyte Aakshi Kainthola Osteogenesis Imperfecta Aakshi Kainthola Pagets Disease Aakshi Kainthola Heterotopic Ossification Around Temporomandibular Joint Prosthesis Case Report and a Scoping Review Nour Jihad Salman, Guilherme dos Santos Trento, Pedro Henrique de Azambuja Carvalho, Marisa Aparecida Cabrini Gabrielli, Mrio Francisco Real Gabrielli, Eduardo SantAna, Valfrido Antonio Pereira Filho Journal of Bone Research Volume 9, Issue 1 Editorial Note Journal of Bone Research JMBR Emilia Jones Acknowledgment to the Authors and Reviewers Journal of Bone Research JMBR Emilia Jones Overview on Spinal Stenosis An Image Article Emilia Jones Assessment of sella turcica dimension among adults in Southern Ethiopia Getachew Abebe, and Teshal Fikadu, Alehegn Bekele, Lemlem Yilma Announcement Journal of Bone Research JMBR Emilia Jones Journal of Bone Research Volume 11, Issue 3 Bone Remodeling and Bone Metastasis Understanding the Connection Kenji Yokoyama Vitamin D Deficiency and Bone Health Understanding the Connection Benedetto Sacchetti Bone Marrow and Osteopenia Understanding the Relationship Gerhard Carl Hildebrandt Symptoms Causes Diagnosis and Treatment Options for Multiple Osteochondromas Wei Chiao Chang Clinical and Genetic Aspects of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Jacob Rowe Correlations of Osteoporosis in Patients with Parkinsons Disease Peter Thompson Acute Bone Loss after Fractures Pathophysiological Mechanisms and Interactions Robert Daniel Orthobiologics in Bone Healing and Fracture Management Ali Abdullah Considerations Related to Bone Health in Breast Cancer Patients Hui Chien Understanding the Role of Adipokines in Bone Metabolism Richard Pastrello Journal of Bone Research Volume 11, Issue 2 The Rehabilitation Process after Hip Replacement Surgery Jimmy Thomas Efrid Tandem Spinal Stenosis Understanding the Condition Jian Zhang A Brief Overview of Osteonecrosis Caused by Florid CementoOsseous Dysplasia Nora Beatriz Calcaterra Navicular Osteochondroma in Children Causes Symptoms and Treatment Giorgio Treglia Treatment of PostTraumatic Osteoarthritis Options for Relief Arati Khanna Gupta Myeloma Bone Disease A Brief Overview Mortimer Poncz The 3D Printing of Bone A Brief Overview WeiChiao Chang Bone Mineralization and Glucose Metabolism Its Relation and Impacts Gerhard Carl Hildebrandt Osteoarticular Tuberculosis TB Clinical Presentation Diagnosis Treatment Benedetto Sacchetti Impact of Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis on Patients Daily Living Activities Xuexia Wang Journal of Bone Research Volume 11, Issue 1 Management of TumorInduced Osteomalacia TIO A Comprehensive Guide Kenji Yokoyama IntraCortical Osteoid Osteoma Understanding the Diagnosis and Treatment Mari Dallas Commentary on the Biology of Osteoclasts in Bone Resorption Mark Boldin Fibrous Dysplasia Understanding the Rare Bone Disorder Guey Chuen Perng Relation between Osteoporosis and Bone Ageing Mortimer Poncz Extraskeletal Effects of Vitamin D Including the Immune Function Regulation Jian Zhang Evolution of Casting and Splinting in Orthopedic Immobilization Xuexia Wang Advances in Microfluidics for Orthopedic Applications Nora Beatriz Calcaterra Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Bone Metabolism Mari Dallas Understanding the Risk Factors for Developing Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis Arati Khanna Gupta Journal of Bone Research Volume 10, Issue 10 Importance of Calcium Supplement in Bone Health Jian Zhang Risk Factors of Metabolic Bone Disease of Prematurity in Children Xuexia Wang Effects of Abaloparatide Drug on Osteoporosis Jimmy Thomas Efrid A Brief Overview on the Healing Process of Bone Fractures Nora Beatriz Calcaterra Proximal Junctional Fractures PJFr and its Classifications with Computed Tomography Mortimer Poncz Journal of Bone Research Volume 10, Issue 8 Smoking Effect on Bone Mass and Bone Mineral Density BMD Giorgio Treglia Bone Homeostasis and the Stemness of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Guey Chuen Perng Effect of Fluoride on Bone Health and its Treatment Jimmy Thomas Efrid Relation Between Low Bone Mineral Density BMD and Cardiovascular Disease Xiubao Chang Polymethylmethacrylate PMMA Bone Cement in Orthopedic Applications Bronislaw Slomiany Journal of Bone Research Volume 10, Issue 7 Physical Exercise as a Treatment in the Management of Low Back Pain Gabriel Ancha Hernndez, Juan Diego Zamora Salas Nanotechnology in Orthopedic Applications Giorgio Treglia Peak Bone Mass and Bone Fragility Fractures Arati Khanna Gupta Phosphate Homoeostasis in Individuals with Chronic Renal Diseases Risk of Bone Fracture Jimmy Thomas Efrid Genetic Basis Emerging Therapies and Research Perspectives in Osteogenesis Imperfecta Karandeep Kaur, Shalini Dhiman, Mahak Garg, Inusha Panigrahi Journal of Bone Research Volume 10, Issue 9 Biomarkers for Osteosarcoma Acquisition and Constraints from Genomics and Proteomics Bangaru Naidu Thaddi Euroqol5 Dimension EQ5D HealthRelated Quality of Life and Orthopedic Surgery Nora Beatriz Calcaterra An Overview on Skeletal Tissue Engineering by using Pluripotent Stem Cells Xuexia Wang Relation between Chronic Consumption of Alcohol and Periodontitis Risk Factors Jian Zhang Bone Mineral Metabolism in Kidney Transplantation Patients Mark Boldin Journal of Bone Research Recent Advances in Orthopedic Implants Characteristic Importance of Orthopedic Implants and Biodegradable Magnesium Implants Bronislaw Slomiany The Process of Osseointegration After Orthopedic Surgery Mari Dallas Posterior Tibial Slope Importance in Total Knee Arthroplasty Xiubao Chang Calcium SulfateHydroxyapatite CaSHA Composite Uses in Orthopedic Applications Giorgio Treglia Pagets Disease of Bone Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment Jacob Rowe Journal of Bone Research Volume 10, Issue 6 Two Rare Cases of Facial Osteoma and Literature Review Nathaly de Oliveira Ciaramicolo, Osny Ferreira Junior, Gabriela Barbosa Bisson, Renato Yassutaka Faria Yaed, Isabela Toledo Silveira Bone Metastasis Treatment and Consequences Mark Boldin Thermal Injury and Bone Debris During Osteotomy Guey Chuen Perng Are ChildhoodOnset Craniopharyngioma Patients at Risk for Low Bone Mass Insights into Adiposity Hypogonadism and Growth Hormone Adriana A SivieroMiachon, Patricia D Cavalcanti TostaHernandez, Nasjla Saba da Silva, Andrea Cappellano, Marcelo de Medeiros Pinheiro, Angela M SpinolaCastro Bone Resorption and Bone Remodeling Cycle Mechanism Peter Thompson Journal of Bone Research Volume 10, Issue 5 Essential Requirements in Calcium Phosphate CaP 3D Bone Bioprinting Mari Dallas NonPharmacological Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis Related Bone Disease Jacob Rowe Chronic Spinal Disorders and Genetic Modifications Mark Boldin Whole Body Vibration Therapy for Bone Health Arati Khanna Gupta Muscle Energy Technique for Lower Back Pain Guey Chuen Perng Journal of Bone Research Volume 10, Issue 4 Grisel39s Syndrome and Down Syndrome A Case Report Ramin Shayan Moghadam, Philippe Violas, Saeed Reza Mehrpour, Mohammad Hossein Nabian Effects of Obesity and Weight Loss on Bone Health Jacob Rowe Effect of Type 2 Diabetes on Bone Fracture Xiubao Chang Role of Physical Activity in Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD Patients Peter Thompson Recommendations of Magnesium Nutrient for Bone Health Bronislaw Slomiany Journal of Bone Research Volume 10, Issue 3 Requirements of MIS Method in Bone Surgery Xiubao Chang Osteoporosis and Cortical Bone Remodeling Bronislaw Slomiany An Overview on Bone Marrow Transplantation for a Therapeutic Option Peter Thompson A Short Note on Plaster Cast Treatment for Bone Fracture John Williamson Journal of Bone Research Volume 10, Issue 2 A Short Note on Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL Injury Ausberto Felipe Bone Mineral Density Importance and Testing Hui Chien A Short Note on Temporomandibular Joint Ali Abdullah A Brief Description on Renal Osteodystrophy Robert Daniel Osteoporosis Treatment and Effects on Bone Mass Robert Olive Journal of Bone Research Volume 10, Issue 1 A Short Note on Osteoarthritis Treatment Processes Richard Pastrello A Brief Description on Multiple Osteochondromas Disease Osami Keitaro Basic Precautions to Prevent Bone Diseases Grey Ronald Osteogenesis Imperfecta Classifications and Treatment Processes Peter Thompson Current Treatments for Advanced or Metastatic Osteosarcoma Indirect Comparisons Based on Individual Patient Data Reconstructed Retrospectively from 5 Trials Andrea Messori Journal of Bone Research Volume 9, Issue 11 Bone Metastases Pathophysiology and Treatment Stefan Paul In Joint Homeostasis Osteocyte Dysfunction and Osteoarthritis Maria Waller Risk Factors and Management of Fragility Fractures in the Elderly Nicole Watson Structure Function and Targeting of Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptors Joseph Walker Skeletal Endocrinology a Field of Medicine where Evolutionary advantage meets Illness David Williams Journal of Bone Research Volume 11, Issue 4 SRT2183 and SRT1720 but not Resveratrol Inhibit Osteoclast Formation and Resorption in the Presence or Absence of Sirt1 Ramkumar Thiyagarajan, Maria Rodrguez Gonzalez, Catherine Zaw, Kenneth Ladd Seldeen, Mireya Hernandez, Manhui Pang, Bruce Robert Troen Clinical Profile of Patients with Metastatic Carcinoma to the Bone Mukesh Kumar Rulaniya, Sandeep Kumar Jasuja, Sajna Choudhary, Aashish Dayma, Himanshu Batra, Deepak Saknani Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis with Hypoparathyroidism and Basal Ganglia Calcification A Rare Clinical Entity Tayyibah Shah Alam Unveiling the Potential of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Inhibiting Osteoclast Formation and Bone Resorption Benedetto Sacchetti ChevronAkin Osteotomy Surgical Technique for Hallux Valgus Correction Wei Chiao Chang The BoneBrain Connection in Neurodegenerative Diseases Giovanni Marco Advancing Treatment Innovative Drug Delivery Strategies for Bone Diseases Yung Bong Kim An Overview on AgeRelated Changes in Bone Quality Robert Guldberg Mechanosensitive Signaling Pathways in Bone Cells and Their Impact on Skeletal Health Craig Grimes An Overview on Epigenetic Regulation of Bone Development Wenhui Xiao