Longdom Publishing SL https://www.longdom.org/ Longdom Publishing SL specializes in digital advertising to help clients inform and attract new customers quickly and efficiently. https://www.longdom.org/andrology-open-access/current-issue.html Andrology-Open Access Volume 7, Issue 2 https://www.longdom.org/open-access/influence-of-semen-parameters-and-malondialdehyde-on-infertile-males-in-iraq-2167-0250-1000198.pdf Influence of Semen Parameters and Malondialdehyde on Infertile Males in Iraq Newman AZ, Hussain G and Bassam AA https://www.longdom.org/open-access/sperm-quality-and-seminal-biochemical-parameters-in-infertile-men-with-and-without-leukocytospermia.pdf Sperm Quality and Seminal Biochemical Parameters in Infertile Men with and without Leukocytospermia Djordjevic D, Lalic N, Vukovic I, Nale D, Perovic D, Kisic DT and Micic S