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Journal of Pharmacogenomics & Pharmacoproteomics
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Anton Shakhmin

Anton Shakhmin
Anton Shakhmin Postdoctoral Research Fellow Advanced Technology Group Promega Biosciences San Luis Obispo CA


Anton Shakhmin have a PhD in Organic Chemistry from University of Southern California in 2014 Los Angeles CA. Currently he is working as Postdoctoral Research Fellow in R&D department at Promega Biosciences. he works on Developed a new, robust synthetic methodology for the preparation of air and light sensitive coelenterazine analogues. The method was widely adopted and became a preferred synthetic route at Promega, enabling the synthesis >150 coelenterazine analogues Collaborated with cell and molecular biologists to design, synthesize and test analogs in search of a substrate with better performance in cell based assays Performed the SAR study to aid in the design of new coelenterazine analogs emitting red-shifted bioluminescence for in vivo imaging.

Research Interest

Organic and Medicinal chemistry, Drug design, Biochemistry, Method development, Structure-Activity Relationships studies.