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Journal of Food Processing & Technology
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Vinegar: Quantification of acetic acid and lactic acid

7th Indo-Global Summit and Expo on Food & Beverages

October 08-10, 2015 New Delhi, India

Fredrick K

Taraba State University, Nigeria

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Abstract :

Vinegar, a product of two-stage fermentation was produced from Pineapple peels wine. The wine was produced from the peels juice using Saccharomyce cerevisiae and a further oxidation of the wine to acetic acid (Vinegar) by Acetobacter species. The pH of the juice was 3.9 g/ml. The juice contained 7.6% total sugar, 2.2° Brix total solids and titratable acidity of 0.23 g/ml (lactic acid) and 0.17 g/ml (acetic acid). The specific gravity of the juice before fermentation was 1.090. The wine had a pH value of 3.8 and titratable acidity value of 0.09 (Lactic acid) and 0.24 g/ml (lactic acid). The wine contained 10.6% total solids, a specific gravity of 1.010 and 10.8% alcohol. The vinegar produced had a pH value of 3.6, a total solids value of 10.2% and titratable acidity of 0.24 g/ml (lactic acid) and 0.16 g (acetic acid). Acetobacter species was isolated from honey. The colonial appearance after 48 hours of incubation was whitish with granulated surfaces. A slightly clear zone of clearance was observed around the colonies. The vinegar contained a total acidity of 3% (acetic acid).