Topical application of statins for controlling periodontal immune responses: A revolution in periodontal disease prevention and treatment?
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Topical application of statins for controlling periodontal immune responses: A revolution in periodontal disease prevention and treatment?

10th Dentists and Prosthodontics Annual Meeting

June 27-28, 2016 New Orleans Louisiana, USA

David Rosenberg

University of Los Andes, Chile

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Abstract :

Periodontal disease (PD) is an inflammatory-infectious and destructive disease of the tissues surrounding teeth. Despite scientific and clinical advances worldwide, at least 90% of the adult population continues to suffer loss of periodontal tissues and eventually dentition, thereby deteriorating quality of life and generating enormous spending on oral as well as general health of the population. While the Biofilm is considered the main etiological factor of PD, it is now known that the immune system plays a key role in pathogenesis; responsible for the majority of the tissue destruction. Indeed, bacterial antigens do trigger an immuno-pathological reaction, which determines the susceptibility of the patient to the final outcome of the process. Furthermore, while the reversible lesion; gingivitis; under certain immunological conditions (yet unknown), can progress to a more complex, irreversible and destructive condition; periodontitis, this does not seem to depend solely on the type and amount of bacteria present, yet on a dysfunctional immune response, that in turn determines the pre-disposition of the patient to tissue destruction. Hence, tackling such pathologies solely via a bacteriological approach is deemed insufficient for a well-established clinical diagnosis, prognosis and efficacious preventive and therapeutic strategies. In this lecture, we will present scientific evidence supporting the application and potential of statins in clinical Periodontology. Predominantly indicated for dyslipidemia, statins possess extra-lipid properties and immuno-modulatory effects that favor their use for cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Given, that CVD and PD share common paths in their physiopathology, our research group developed a statin-medicated toothpaste formulation and conducted a double-blinded controlled clinical trial, where the clinical efficacy (as an adjunct to conventional, periodontal treatment) was proved. Hence, the purpose of this presentation is to join forces with International University Research Centers and the pharmaceutical industry to develop a new generation of oral care products medicated with statins in order to impact the periodontal health indices of our patients and populations. It is an open invitation to fellow clinicians and researchers to be at the forefront of preventive and therapeutic periodontics; a revolution, perhaps one of the most significant in decades.

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