The dental roller coaster for every youngster

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The dental roller coaster for every youngster

Joint Event on 24th American Dental Research & Future Dentistry & 3rd Annual Meeting on Pedodontics and Geriatric Dentistry

May 25-26, 2018 New York, USA

Soumya Pannala

Panineeya Institute of Dental Sciences and Research Center, India

Posters & Accepted Abstracts: Dentistry

Abstract :

Oral health is not just important, but also necessary for maintaining the overall general health in an individual. Many people assume that the deciduous teeth are not very important as they will be later replaced by the permanent teeth. Also, many parents do not check the oral health status of the child until problem occurs. But, the child needs a dentist at every phase of oral development. Toddlers: Oral care must be started right before the eruption of the baby teeth into the oral cavity. Food habits must be taken care of to avoid rampant carious lesions. Kids: Oral habits might lead to the maldevelopment of teeth. Also, children are most attracted to sugars during this age, which can lead to endodontic problems. Teenage: In this age, they are mostly towards the aesthetics, hence any malalignment cases must be taken care of. Also, many of the sports injuries cases are seen in this age group which must not be ignored. Hence, parents must be aware that at each stage, the child’s oral health needs keep altering and it must be taken care of. Remember, GREAT BEGINNINGS HAVE GREAT ENDINGS. Objective of the abstract: To create awareness among children and their parents regarding oral health status at every stage in a child’s life.

Biography :

Soumya has completed her under graduation and is now interning in Panineeya Institute of Dental sciences and Research centre, India. She has given a few National and state presentations in which few of them won the best paper award.
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