Salep: The name of the plant, powder, hot beverage, food ingredient
Journal of Food Processing & Technology

Journal of Food Processing & Technology
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ISSN: 2157-7110

Salep: The name of the plant, powder, hot beverage, food ingredient

19th International Conference on Food Processing & Technology

October 23-25, 2017 | Paris, France

Ozlem Turgay and Inci Cinar

Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam University, Turkey

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Abstract :

Salep is the name of a plant, powder of that plant, hot beverage and a food ingredient. It is obtained from the tubers of Anacamptis pyramidalis, Dactylorhiza romana, Dactylorhiza osmanica var. osmanica, Himantoglossum affine, Ophrys fusca, Ophrys. holosericea, Ophrys. mammosa, Orchis anatolica, Orchis coriophora, Orchis italica, Orchis mascula ssp. pinetorum, Orchis morio, Orchis palustris, Orchis simia, Orchis spitzelii, Orchis tridentata and Serapias vomeracea ssp. orientalis. Orchids were cultivated and described by Chinese firstly. Confucius (551-479 BC) called the orchid the ‘King of Fragrant Plants’, the Greeks referred to testicles as orchids, and Theophrastus (372-286 BC) named the orchids from that word. In Europe, it is used as anti-pyretic, anti-consumption and anti-diarrhoeal. The Ottomans extracted ‘Sahlep’ from the dried tubers. Than the Arabic word became corrupted in English to Salep. Today, Salep is largely collected in Asia Minor, Germany, Greece, Afghanistan and India. It is used in Turkey for making ice-cream and beverages. Because of insensible collection of some Salep species they are in process of extinction and such species were prohibited by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in 2003. After the picking of the roots or tubers of orchids, they boiled in milk or ayran for inhibition the enzymatic activity and reduce the loss of water-soluble ingredients, then stringed, dried and ground. Salep is a good source of a stabilizer as glucomannan (17.7-54.6%) and contains starch (5.44-38.7%).

Biography :

Ozlem Turgay graduated Istanbul University, Veterinary Faculty in 1992. She is currently working as Professor at Kahramanmaras Sutcuimam University, Turkey.