Obey the judges or defend the children? Ethical dilemmas of mothers and judicial decisions
Journal of Psychiatry

Journal of Psychiatry
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ISSN: 2378-5756

Obey the judges or defend the children? Ethical dilemmas of mothers and judicial decisions

2nd International Conference on Adolescent Medicine and Child Psychology

October 06-07, 2016 London, UK

Miguel Clemente and Dolores Padilla-Racero

Universidad de A Coruna, Spain
Universidad de Malaga, Spain

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Abstract :

One problem occurs when used in the Courts PAS ideology created by Gardner, is that there is a helplessness by mothers who are referred to as obstructionists. Thus, any actions carried out to try to defend their children; it is considered a way to manipulate the children to avoid contact with their parents and a manifestation of a disturbed mental state. It is understood that mothers who are aware that their children are abused but they cannot prove legal manner, act differently to mothers who could be called "normal" way and therefore oppose the justice system and impeding the provisions of the judges. This research attempts to verify if the "normal" mothers opt for similar reactions to a case where a child is being abused by her father, but legally abuse cannot be demonstrated. Obey the justice system allowing a child maintains contact with his father knowing that is being abused, or avoid such contact disobeying the justice system: A questionnaire of nine dilemmas faced two alternatives is created. In addition, the SCL-90-R personality questionnaire applies. We interviewed 400 mothers. The results indicate how so mostly mothers choose to defend their children and therefore disobey judges. In addition, the results indicated that mothers have normal mental health. It is concluded that the reactions of mothers who are alienating Gardner says they are not, but are normal reactions to any mother and also they have a normal personality, i.e., Gardner's ideas are not appropriate.

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