New system of orthodontics with mini tubes, flow jac syst
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New system of orthodontics with mini tubes, flow jac syst

3rd Euro Congress and Expo on Dental & Oral Health

June 16-18, 2015 Alicante, Spain

Joaquin Ariza

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Abstract :

The Flow Jac System , constitutes an alternate highly innovative esthetics, for patients who don?t tolerate brackets and do not accept the use of removable appliances; it is ideal for simple alignments and resolution of relapse and constitutes a solution both in adults for the procedures of pre prosthetics as well as in children and adolescents to maintain clean oral tissues and a healthy periodontics.The objective of the presentation of the system of mini tubes is to inform about this new and latest alternative to treatment, its components, installation, strategies and basic biological fundamentals and biomechanics. The system has been patented in Colombia and has proven successful in more than 300 patients for about 6 years now.For the movement, it is required millimeter tubes of about 2 to 5 millimeters which support arches that are super elastic activated through the dental pieces to move in the resolution of malocclusions. The clinical procedures in this system are a combination of science and art which require more dedication and analysis to obtain better results, both in simple procedures as in complex cases of class II, class III and deviation of jaws, likewise the bio chemistry involved in the closing of spaces depends on the application of differential forces which do not take into account wings of bracket.It is consider as an orthodontics system minimally invasive which give patients a high level of hygiene, comfort and esthetics, respecting the muscular function and the biological space between the soft tissue and bucal surface of the teeth. Its fundaments constitute the sum of basic concepts of the main techniques in orthodontics and its learning theory is based on the sum of knowledge and application of own strategies and other philosophies.