Journal of Neonatal Biology

Journal of Neonatal Biology
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Mental health state of selected adolescent students in manila, Philippines

22nd World Congress on Neonatology & Perinatology

September 19-20, 2018 Hong Kong

Judilynn N Solidum

University of the Philippines Manila, Philippines

Keynote: J Neonatal Biol

Abstract :

It is alarming to note that more than a tenth of the world???s population below 20 years of age experience mental disorders. Majority of these mental illnesses commence before the age of 15 and three quarters are seen by mid-twenties which may adversely affect an individual???s development if untreated. This would hinder the attainment of a full and functional life. Symptoms of emotional distress are experienced by one-fifth of adolescents with about a tenth having emotional impairment. Depression and anxiety disorders are the most common mental conditions recorded among adolescents. This cross-sectional descriptive study aimed to assess the mental health state of selected adolescents in in Manila. Philippines. Using the mood and feeling inventory, 200 students, aged 16-20 were made to answer the 33 item questionnaire. The results revealed that a significant percentage of respondents are suffering from moderate depression. Stakeholders should be engaged in the advocacy of raising people???s awareness on the magnitude of the mental health issues among adolescents. Members of the academe are in a very good position to identify mental health challenges of adolescent students as they spend much of their waking hours in school.

Biography :

Judilynn N. Solidum is Professor IV at the University of the Philippines, Manila and is the Administrative officer of the Association of Higher Education Multidisciplinary Researchers Incorporated, Philippines. She is a licensed pharmacist, an MS degree holder in Pharmacology, and a PhD degree holder in Environmental Science. Dr. Judy has her share of editorial positions as well as publications on both national and international levels. She has also been recognized on local, national and international tiers with awards related to her work as a journal peer reviewer, a translational researcher, and a storybook author especially on subjects concerning dengue prevention. She is one of the Philippine scholars, ready and willing to serve for the betterment of Filipino communities.

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