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Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology
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Mechanisms related to the up-regulation of IL-10 expression of dendritic cells by parasite-derived molecule Sj16 from Schistosoma japonicum

3rd World Conference on Parasitology & Pathogenesis

July 12-13, 2017 Chicago, USA

Zhongdao Wu

Sun Yat-sen University, China

Keynote: J Bacteriol Parasitol

Abstract :

Schistosomes are parasitic worms’ flourishes in the human host despite the development of a pronounced immune response. Understanding how the immune system deals with such pathogens is still daunting a challenge. Initiating regulation of host immune response by releasing some schistosome-derived molecules is an important mechanism of immune evasion of Schistsoma japonicum. Previously, our groups have identified a 16 kDa secretory protein, Sj16, from Schistosoma japonicum. Sj16 is produced and secreted by all stages of the parasite and confirmed as an important protein in the alleviating of inflammation damage when the cercaria penetrated into the skin and was closely involved in to the immune escape of the Schistosomasis. Using recombinant Sj16 (rSj16) protein expressed from E. coli, we demonstrated that this recombinant protein has a potent strong immuno-modulation effect and significantly alleviate rat adjuvant-induced arthritis (AA). In this study, we confirmed that rSj16 enter into the nuclear of host cells using the NLS1 and promote the production of IL-10 which mediates the inhibitory effect of rSj16 on LPS-induced BMDCS.

Biography :

Zhongdao Wu is head of the Department of Parasitology and Deputy Dean at Zhonghan School of Medicine at Sun Yat-sen University China.

Email: [email protected]