Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology

Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology
Open Access

ISSN: 2157-7439


Interparticle interaction between water molecules

3rd International Conference on Nanotek & Expo

December 02-04, 2013 Hampton Inn Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Makoto Yasutomi

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Nanomed Nanotechnol

Abstract :

Why does liquid water have a maximum density at 4 o C? Although the question has long been studied by many different authors so far, it is not still cleared what thermodynamic mechanisms induce them. Thermodynamic properties of liquid water are determined by the interparticle interaction. We will obtain the interaction which reproduces experimentally measured density-temperature relation at 1 bar and radial distribution function. The accuracies in a temperature range of -20

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