Influence of long-term exposure of obesity induced by unsaturated high-fat diet on the cardiac remodeling process
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Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination
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Influence of long-term exposure of obesity induced by unsaturated high-fat diet on the cardiac remodeling process

4th International Conference on Vaccines & Vaccination

September 24-26, 2014 Valencia Convention Centre, Spain

Mumuni Abdul Malik

Accepted Abstracts: J Vaccines Vaccin

Abstract :

Background: Diet-induced obesity is one of the leading causes of cardio vascular morbidity and mortality that correlates with the duration and intensity of adiposity. This study tested the hypothesis that the increased time of exposure to obesity intensifies the cardiac dysfunction. In addition, it is also examined whether the functional impairment is due to increased levels of myocardial collagen. Methods: Thirty-day-old male Wister rats were distributed in control (C) and obese (Ob) groups. The C was fed a standard diet and Ob was alternately submitted to four palatable high-fat diets for 15, 30 and 45 weeks. The obesity was determined by adiposity index. The cardiac remodeling process was assessed by structural and functional analysis. Results: Adiposity index was higher in Ob than C overtime. Obesity promoted several co morbidities after 15, 30 and 45weeks. LV mass and inter ventricular septum and posterior wall thickness in dias to le after 15, 30 and 45 weeks were increased in Ob. However, obesity has led to an increase in LV relative wall thickness in the 30th and 45th weeks. Obesity did not promote changes in LV interstitial collagen in all periods. Obesity improved the systolic function after 30 weeks and myocardial dys- function after 15 weeks, however, the duration of obesity did not intensify the cardiac dys-function in vitro. Conclusions: Long time exposure to obesity does not intensify the cardiac dys-function and does not promote alterations on myocardial collagen

Biography :

Mumuni Abdul Malik is 27 years old and is a currently a second year student of the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana. He is the President of Nutrition Students of Ghana, Tamale Branch. He has been carrying research work on obesity with his fellow students of the Faculty of Nutrition. He has written about 20 abstracts and proposals in the University Journals and Publications and is currently carrying out his research work on Obesity at the Tamale Teaching Hospital. He has attended conferences in other parts of West Africa namely; Cote d?ivoire, Burkina Faso and Nigeria.