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Fat replacers and their application in food products

International Conference and Exhibition on Food Processing & Technology

November 22-24, 2012 Hyderabad International Convention Centre, India

Gopika C Muttangi and Shilpa Yatnatti

Posters: J Food Process Technol

Abstract :

Fat plays a key role in a majority of food products. It is an important constituent of food and serves as a rich source of energy and contributes to various sensory and rheological characteristics. It provides a creamy texture and a flowing mouth feel to foods. These attributes contribute to richness of the food resulting in better market value. The consumption of diet high in fat is associated with incidence of obesity, coronary heart diseases, hypertension, insulin resistance, and cancer and gall bladder diseases. Hence there is demand for low-fat and low energy foods. Consumers are looking for foods and beverages naturally low in fat or free from fat. The removal of fat from foods alters many of the physico-chemical and functional properties. However the emergence of fat replacers have paved the way in making low fat products having characteristics similar to that of fullfat counterparts. Fat replacers are ingredients used to replace fat in the food system and they are categorized as carbohydrate based, protein based and fat or lipid based fat replacers. Food products with partial replacement of fat maintain sensory and functional properties similar to that of full fat products. No single fat replacer can provide all attributes of fat. So solution to this is combination of fat replacers and reduced fat products instead of no-fat products. There is a need to develop fat replacer of versatile type, which can be used in a number of food products.

Biography :

Gopika C. Muttagi has completed her P.G at the age of 24 years from University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bengaluru. She has conducted research study on ?Evaluation of Sunflower seed kernels for the development of added value food products?. She is currently doing her Ph.D in the same University in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition.