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Comparison of three methods of tonometry in normal subjects vs. glaucoma patients: Goldmann- applanation, non-contact air puff and Tono-Pen XL, in a University Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

4th Global Summit on Healthcare

November 09-10, 2015 Dubai, UAE

Abdul Rahman Al-Jasser, Essam A Osman, Mohammed Al Maady and Ahmed Mousa

King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

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Abstract :

Purpose: To assess and compare measuring outcomes of intraocular pressure (IOP) through three different tonometers: the Goldmann-applanation tonometer (GAT), the Tono-Pen XL (TPXL) and a non-contact Airpuff tonometer (NCT) between glaucoma patients and normal subjects. Methods: A cross-sectional study that comprises a sample of 130 eyes of 65 glaucoma patients (cases) and 92 eyes of 46 normal persons that served as (controls). Three different physicians measured the IOP via GAT, NCT and TPXL for the same subjects. Measurements via the three devices were statistically compared. Results: In the glaucoma group, the mean IOP measured by the GAT was 16.0 (5.5), range [6-40] while it was 20.5 (6.9), range [10-52] using the TPXL and 20.2 (6.5), range [8-50] using the NCT. Among the control group, the mean IOP was 14.0 (2.7), range [9-19] using the GAT, 17.3 (3.8), range [6-30] using the TPXL and 17.9 (3.9), range [10-27] using the NCT. Conclusion: There is agreement between the three devices with relatively higher reading in both NCT and TPXL. All methods are still needed to overcome the variation of assessment circumstances and purposes.

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