Blood sugar level intraoperatively and effect on recovery from general anesthesia in non-Diabetic recipient in renal transplant surgery
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Surgery: Current Research
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Blood sugar level intraoperatively and effect on recovery from general anesthesia in non-Diabetic recipient in renal transplant surgery

Joint Event 7th International Conference and Exhibition on Surgery & 3rd International Conference on Anesthesia

June 21-23, 2018 Dublin, Ireland

Raghad Hannon shinen Alsudani, Alaa Hussein Altaiee and Bushra khalid Altamimi

Baghdad medical city hospital, Iraq

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Abstract :

Background: blood sugar increment during surgery is part of stress response, this increment is due to insulin dysfunction and glucose production and hyperglycemia increases complications. Aim of study: assess glucose level change intraoperatively and recovery in non-diabetic recipients in renal transplant surgery. Patients and methods: 52 patients from 1-1-2016 to 1-3-2017 In renal transplant center. all had general anesthesia with the same agents, monitoring of blood sugar pre-induction and every half hour, soluble insulin start to be given for patient when when blood sugar reach 200mg/dl as 1 unit for each 10 mg above 200 and recovery assessed using aldrete score. Results: there is variable increase in blood sugar among patients, 39/52 above 110 mg/dl at pre induction,1 patient was 276mg. 18/52 had 200-250 mg at least once among them,11patients reached 250-300mg,6 patients300-400 and 3reahed above400. 5 patients had delayed recovery with no significance relation to pre-induction level but significant to other readings, risk assessment showed more odd’s ratio for delayed recovery in high sugar reading and assessment of increment from preinduction is a valid test for delayed recovery. Conclusion: blood sugar measurement is mandatory in non-diabetic in renal transplant recipients. Key words: stress response to surgery, hyperglycemia delayed recovery.
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Biography :

Raghoda Hannon shinen alsudani Consultant anesthetist at renal transplant center /medical city complex in Baghdad-Iraq. Member of Arab scientific council of anesthesia and ICU. Member of Iraqi board of anesthesia and ICU. MBCHB -1999 college of medicine university of Baghdad. FICMS/anesthesia 2006. Manager of ICU children hospital in medical city complex Baghdad 2006-2008. Anesthetist at renal transplant center since 2008 till now.

E-mail: [email protected]