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Articles published in Journal of Pharmacovigilance have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Journal of Pharmacovigilance has got h-index 19, which means every article in Journal of Pharmacovigilance has got 19 average citations.

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Journal 5 years impact factor 9.97
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Journal h-index 19
Important citations

Alshehri AF, Alnatsheh A, Aseeri M, Al Fayea T (2017). Evaluation of the Use of Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factors (G-CSFs) for Neutropenia Primary Prophylaxis in Solid Tumors at a Tertiary Care Hospital, Retrospective Study. J Pharmacovigil.5:248.

Fentahun M, Ayele Y, Amsalu N, Alemayehu A, Amsalu G (2017). Antibacterial evaluation and phytochemical analysis of selected medicinal plants against some pathogenic enteric bacteria in Gozamin District, Ethiopia. J Pharmacovigil. 5:244.

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Carvajal-Moreno M (2017). Do gastroenterologists consider aflatoxins as origin of digestive system cancers. J  Pharmacovigil. 5:242.

Yacob AR, Mohmedahmed AM, Azam bin M ZM (2017). Acid Modified Jourdiqua Clay for Methanolysis of Castor Oil. J Pharmacovigil.5:240.

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