Young Scientist Awards AI and Big Data 2020
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Young Research Forum - (2020) Volume 9, Issue 4

Young Scientist Awards AI and Big Data 2020

Alex Mirza*
*Correspondence: Alex Mirza, Department of Artificial Intelligence, Brazil, Email:

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EEE and Engineering Conference Committee is glad to announce future “3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data” during August 17-18, 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark by specialises in the Theme: “Latest Technologies and Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Engineering”.

AI & Big Data 2020 is welcoming special people for the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Young Researcher Award. This is another honour that perceives early Carrerabrilliance and is available to PhD understudies and scientists inside the initial five years of finishing their PhD. Different selections are welcome however self-assignments will be prohibited.

Youthful Researcher Sessions are sorted out at each EEE& Engineering meeting to give an extraordinary stage to Young Researchers and Investigators for displaying their most recent research tasks, thoughts and the fervour that goes with them. Regularly these tasks and their discoveries push the limits of therapeutic and logical research with colossal advantages and more current bearings to advance helpful research. Youthful Researchers from Universities, Institutes, and different Industries are welcome to exhibit a short oral introduction during these discussions, featuring points and what they plan to accomplish pushing ahead.

The point of the Young Researchers Forum is to move and unite youthful specialists in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. The gathering gives a lively spot to talking about potential and progressing research in any stage, from thought to results. The discussion endeavours to give an inviting situation to enable youthful specialists to get input on their work, trade understanding, pose inquiries, investigate pathways open to them. What's more, the gathering invigorates collaboration between youthful specialists, experienced scientists and industry. Each creator, notwithstanding analysts important to their work, will be doled out a mechanical guide who will likewise survey and recommend upgrades to their entries.

Participation is available to any individual who thinks about himself/herself a 'youthful' specialist, needing to share examine thoughts and (primer or develop) results with their friends and searching for a chance to move and be roused and find out about research ways. Ph.D. applicants, youthful scientists in any phase of their examination (counting college understudies), youthful analysts in industry look into pathways are on the whole most invited to partake. Likewise, we explicitly welcome Ph.D. up-and-comers and youthful specialists displaying their work in the AI and Big Data 2020 to take an interest in this gathering.

The possibility of the occasion is for youthful specialists to display new and continuous work, and to get useful criticism from companions and senior analysts. Along these lines, the work ought not to have showed up in print in an officially checked on procedures volume by the time of submission.

The Young Research Forum is for postgraduate understudies and early profession scientists from any field identified with advanced general wellbeing and more extensive general well- being that fuses computerized advances and development, just as their managers. It has been explicitly intended to furnish you with the chance to exhibit your work in a benevolent, steady discussion and to get input from guides and companions.


• Youthful Investigators, Post-Graduate understudies, Post-doctoral colleagues, Trainees, Junior workforce with at least 5 years of research understanding

• Introduction must be into logical sessions of the gathering.

• Every Young Researcher/Young Scientist can submit just one paper (as first creator or co-creator).

• Age limit-Under 35yrs

• All entries must be in English.

Benefits of Participating in Young Research Forum:

• Youthful Scientist Award recombination endorsement and keepsake to the victors.

• Our gatherings give best Platform to your examination through oral introductions.

• Find out about profession improvement with all the most recent advancements by systems administration.

• Youthful Scientists will get proper and auspicious data by this Forum.

• Stage for coordinated effort among youthful specialists for better advancement.

• Give a chance to look into communication and built up senior specialists over the globe in the field.

• Offer the thoughts with both famous specialists and tutors.

• It's an extraordinary benefit for youthful specialists to find out about the examination zones for extending their exploration information.

AI & Big Data 2020 gives greatest platform to develop your system, where you can meet researchers, specialists and CROs from around the earth. It's your opportunity to snatch the chance to join AI & Big Data 2020 for advancing your examination article and to encourage lofty honour in all organizations. In this notoriety, we search forward for your commitment and shocking devotion to make our AI & Big Data 2020 increasingly effective.


Areas of interest include all aspects of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data engineering, as given by the scope of the AI & Big Data 2020 conference.

Selection Criteria:

• Exhibit your exploration through oral introductions.

• Find out about career advancement and the most recent research instruments and innovations in your field.

• This gathering will give appropriate and opportune data to the individuals who lead inquire about and the individuals who use and advantage from look into.

• Build up an establishment for joint effort among youthful analysts.

• The gathering will give a chance to collegial connection with other youthful specialists and set up senior examiners over the globe.

• Interface and offer thoughts with the two friends and tutors.

• Open door for youthful analysts to find out about the examination zones of their friends to build their ability as multidisciplinary specialists.

• Effectively convey data and advance the advantages of training and career matters.

Presentation and Discussion

A Presenter will give her/his discussion their examination. Following the introduction, the discussants allotted to each paper will offer brief remarks (5 minutes), including a blend of:

• How the paper made the discussant contemplate her or his very own work

• How the paper is connected somehow or another to the discussant's own work

• Some guidance for the creators in proceeding with their work

• Distinguishing proof of coordinated effort openings or collaborations

• Dialog addresses dependent on the displayed paper.

Awards and Rewards

• All selections are by the Scientific Committee of the AI & Big Data 2020.

• The 'Young Researcher Award' is awarded to the best oral presentation.

Young Research’s Awards at AI and Big Data 2020 for the Nomination: Young Researcher Forum - Outstanding Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate thesis work Presentation, only 25 presentations acceptable at the AI & Big Data 2020 young research forum.

Author Info

Alex Mirza*
Department of Artificial Intelligence, Franca, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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