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Articles published in Gerontology & Geriatric Research have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Gerontology & Geriatric Research has got h-index 16, which means every article in Gerontology & Geriatric Research has got 16 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

38 18 37 88 129

Year wise citations received

311 235 207 178 206
Journal total citations count 1531
Journal impact factor 5.62
Journal 5 years impact factor 3.66
Journal cite score 5.14
Journal h-index 16
Journal h-index since 2016 15
Important citations

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Kyriazis M. 1. Abstract 2. Introduction 3. Discussion 3.1. The three phases of scientific inquiry 3.2. The patient in the context of the environment.

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